Hospitals often hire nursing staff on an as-needed basis. This can be a rewarding proposition as per diem nursing comes with several benefits over standard positions.

Freedom to Choose

While nursing is a rewarding profession, it is also personally taxing. The physical, emotional, and time commitments required from nurses can lead to professional exhaustion over time while the needs of your personal life go unmet. Working on a case-by-case basis allows a per diem nurse to choose when and where they work, often not traveling very far from their home. This affords the time needed to refresh and tend to the things that matter which full-time nurses can often only dream of.

Job Security

With an aging population and access to medical care increasing, there has never been a greater need for nursing staff. Caring, qualified professionals are needed to provide support for loved ones who are increasingly opting to receive their health-care in the home. This means job security is not sacrificed when opting to practice on a per diem basis.

Career Satisfaction

While there will always be a need for the structured environment found in the hospital, many nurses find much greater joy in working outside of the system. Traditional nursing is a routinely thankless job with long hours, stressful working environment, and endless red tape. Per diem nurses get to work directly with patients and choose facilities that are best suited for them.

Educational Opportunities

Along with the luxury to work in multiple different facilities comes the benefit of having exposure to several different specialties that can help build on the professional skill set required of nurses. Per diem nurses can opt to move from location to location, taking openings as desired specialties become available, or hone one in particular.

Being a Part of a Team

While most per diem nurses chose this rout as a means to greater independence, the health care facilities they find themselves stationed at are always glad to have them there. Opportunities to build a personal and professional repertoire with peers can lead to increased job satisfaction while opening doors to new opportunities.

Competetive Financial Compensation

Hourly pay on a contract basis means nurses don’t have to sacrifice the quality of life they’ve worked hard to achieve. Pay is competitive with standard nursing positions and more hours can be picked up as-needed, one of the benefits of working with Therapia!