Travel nurses spend much of their time caring for the health and well-being of their patients. They will often neglect time for themselves. When being rewarded with top pay in the industry, most nurses don’t take advantage of that pay. With extra money in their pocket, they should be taking some time for themselves, or planning for the future in a significant way. These tips will help travel nurses make the most of their superior income.

Take Advantage of Deal Sites and Coupons

With extra money, travel nurses can leverage that into more savings by using deal sites and coupons for their shopping. Places like Living Social allow consumers to find fantastic deals on everyday items as well as luxury items like restaurants. It’s also a great way for travel nurses to find local amenities when traveling to a new location.

Pay Down Loans

It’s inevitable that when a nurse graduates, he or she is saddled with a huge amount of loan debt. The great pay can be applied to their loans. In fact, the quicker the loans are paid, the less that will need to be paid in the long run due to interest rates. All the extra pay should be applied to student loans first before other things like dining out each night or buying a brand-new car.

Rewards and Indulgences

While anyone with a student loan should be working to pay that first, it doesn’t make sense to keep themselves from enjoying life. They should take some time each week to reward themselves for the great work that’s being done to help others. A nurse who doesn’t reward himself occasionally will get burnt out and worn from all the care they’re providing both physically and emotionally.

Holiday Bonuses

Travel nurses who take holiday shifts or work on weekends occasionally will see a bonus in their paycheck. It’s a sacrifice that’s worth it when there’s extra money at the end of the week. It can be applied to student loans or used exclusively for rewards.

Discount Codes and Apps to Save

Before shopping anywhere, a travel nurse should be checking out apps like RetailMeNot to find coupons and codes that will give them huge savings. The deals range from coupons for savings on food, clothing or shoes to free shipping for online orders. The app is free in the appropriate store for the type of phone she has.

The last tip for travel nurses is to consult with an advisor who can give better advice tailored specifically for her situation. Call Therapia today to take advantage of higher pay and advantages like holiday bonuses and extra cash.