Recently, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association stated that speech therapy mobile applications have some benefits on children using them. Some speech therapy apps are appropriate in an educational setting, while others are incorporated into clinical therapy settings or at home. Here are some of the apps that you can use with your students.

Sound Essentials

It is a speech therapy application designed for children. This Google Play app is specifically designed to enhance listening as well as sound recognition skills in children. The app is developed by MeshTech Solutions. The last update was released on 18 July 2017 and is compatible with Android devices with version 4.1 and above.

Each in-app products go for $2.

Though it is an educational app, Sound Essentials has some entertainment features which make it appealing to the children using it. It is equipped with four attractive and engaging activities. Each of the activities is customized to enhance the development of auditory discrimination abilities in children.

Sound Essentials has an auditory discrimination function which enables the children to distinguish the sounds of various objects. The edu-entertainment app can be utilized by speech therapists and SLPs (Speech-Language Pathologists) during their therapy sessions with children to enable them to develop auditory recognition skills and memory.

Articulation Station

The app is designed to assist children to practice the English language at the word, sentence, as well as story level. It has 22 English sounds. The app was developed by Little Bee Speech and is available for download in the Apple App Store.

There is a free version that only has one sound to work on. You can purchase the full version, Articulation Station Pro which has the entire set of sounds for $59.99. There is also an option of purchasing each sound at a cost that ranges between $2.99 and $5.99. The second option is favorable for children who are working on certain sounds only.

Articulation Station has an appealing interface. It is equipped with pictures based on the sounds the child is training. It is suitable for SLPs in both group and individual therapy sessions.

Constant Therapy

It is a speech and cognitive therapy app for people with speech-language disorders. The application was designed by a group of scientists at the Boston University. It is offered by Constant Therapy, Inc. and it was last updated on 17 October 2017.

The app has exercises that are customized to suit each individual’s unique needs. Constant therapy has 10 difficulty levels, 65 evidence-based exercises, and more than 60,000 stimuli. It can be used to regain speech, memory, language, cognition, and comprehension skills.

When considering a speech therapy app to use, choose one that takes care of the student’s particular needs.