There was a time when the only information that would matter if you were applying for a job in the hospitality industry was what you put on your resume and your job application. While that obviously still takes center stage in an employer’s mind, it is far from the only information your potential employer can find out about you. Thanks to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there could be a veritable treasure trove of information about you that you have never considered. Some of this might work in your favor if you have a Facebook account that showcases a professional career, but there is just as much out there in your online presence that can work against you.

If you have any kind of online presence on social media – and you do if you have so much as a personal Facebook account with a handful of friends – there may be photos of you that could be seen as less than flattering. For example, even if you’re not the type who regularly posts photos of yourself online, one of your friends may have tagged a photo of you at a wild party with a drink in your hand. According to the Jobvite Recruiter Nation Report 2016, 47 percent of recruiters frown upon photos with alcohol, so that one crazy night three years ago could ruin your chances of getting a job in the hospitality industry.

Finding Out What’s Out There

If you have every spent any amount of time on social media, you need to know what kind of information is out there about you and clean up anything that could hurt your chances of employment. This might mean deleting posts that you made years ago about things you did in your younger days, or it could mean deleting tweets that tear down previous employers. Anything that could suggest that you would be a liability to a company should you be hired needs to go. Naturally, this means being careful about what you post in the future.

We currently live in a culture that likes to overshare. Twitter accounts are often unfiltered looks into people’s thought patterns for better or worse, and Facebook accounts often turn into detailed accounts of whatever people are doing on any given weekend. One thing that hasn’t changed is that people’s public and private lives should be kept separate, so be aware of what is on your social media account.