Searching for a job can certainly cause stress in anyone’s life. It is perfectly normal to begin to feel like you’ve reached your breaking point. The endless applications, resume adjusting, and posting to go through can bring about stress.

However, searching for a job doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Remember, a job search is only temporary. Every job seeker will get that call from a company making them an offer of employment. Here are four tips for staying calm and collected as you near your job search breaking point.

1. Set Break Times: It is easy to feel under pressure when searching for a job. Many people place pressure on themselves to find a job right away. However, taking a break can be very beneficial for your stress levels. Try to take 15 minutes to get off of the computer and walk around. Also, spend a break from job searching on a hobby that you enjoy. Taking breaks can help to keep anyone’s mind refreshed and stress levels low.

2. Network: Sometimes, people need to ask around when a job search is going poorly. Friends and family members are great people to talk to during a job search. Close people in someone’s life can offer helpful advice and encouraging words. In addition, these same people could know about upcoming vacancies at their respective companies.

3. Keep Supportive People Around: Nothing is worse during a stressful job hunt than being around negative people. Negative thinking can lead to negative results. Therefore, it is wise for a job hunter to be around positive people. Those who are positive can really make someone feel better about their own lives.

4. Positive Thinking: Surrounding yourself with positive people is great. However, if a job seeker can become positive on their own this is even better. Job searching can be stressful but it is never permanent. Eventually, interviews will take place and one will lead to the frustrated job seeker getting hired.

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