Having a child in the educational setting who has ADHD can be challenging for a teacher. Often, these children have trouble paying attention in class or may fidget and make it hard for the other students to pay attention as well. Many parents choose to put a 504 plan in place to help professionals target their teaching methods to help a child who is having difficulty, but other parents are afraid that their child will be treated poorly due to being labeled as having a disorder and will choose not to tell the child’s teacher or school district. This often puts both the teacher and the students at a disadvantage.

Why Medication Is Not Enough

Recent studies have shown that while medications are often helpful in managing ADHD, behavioral therapy also plays an important role by addressing social skills, appropriate behavior in public and time management. Time management is an important skill for children with ADHD to learn because while most teachers think that the child’s problem is not being able to focus on anything, for many children the real problem is trying to focus on everything at once. Learning to prioritize their time and attention can help students dealing with ADHD to complete assignments on time and still have time to play.

Who Should Be Involved In the Child’s Treatment?

A familiar African proverb states that “It takes a village to raise a child.” This is especially true in the case of a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD. It should not be simply left to the parents and teachers to figure out how best to deal with a student who has trouble concentrating in class. A team that includes the school psychologist, nurse, the child’s family, pediatrician and other professionals is an important part of helping the student focus and learn. These professionals should work together to both teach the child coping skills and to reinforce them in the child’s environment. They can also work together to ensure that medications are properly managed, side effects are documented and any progress made is positively noted and even rewarded.

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