Medical and hospitality professionals with Therapia need a place online to showcase their experiences and skills for new employment opportunities. LinkedIn goes beyond connecting members with job postings and providing online real estate for static resumes. Profiles on LinkedIn are interactive and ever-changing, and the news feed structure encourages creating professional networks and learning new skills to increase marketability.

Creating an Interactive Resume

LinkedIn gives users an online space to post resumes containing all the highlights of traditional paper resumes such as experience, education, awards, and skills sections, but LinkedIn’s resume feature goes beyond listing work history or descriptions of job duties with buzz words. Resumes are part of a user’s profile, making additions or updates as easy as updating social media. Resumes change with a user’s career, growing as certifications are earned or users advance in employment.

Building Your Professional Network

LinkedIn’s social structure also joins users with colleagues and experts in their fields to share inspirational and professional articles from around the web using the familiar liking and commenting system of other social media websites. Positions in hospitality require exceptional communication and social skills. Expanding professional networks in hospitality, including areas of housekeeping or room attendants, allows individuals to connect with others, share ideas and build valuable groups that may lead to new job opportunities or improved techniques, routines, and workplace habits.

Learning New Skills

Although most of the courses offered by LinkedIn come at a price, there are plenty of alternatives to learn new skills for free. In the skills section of users’ profiles, LinkedIn suggests adding new skills related to a user’s career with each login. Those suggestions are excellent starting points for learning. Need more experience in critical thinking or building research skills? Seek out a free online course or watch a few training videos on the subject and claim those new skills.

Professional training and skill-building videos can also be found on LinkedIn through the free SlideShare feature. It invites all users, novices to experts, to share their experiences and know-how with the world through user-created presentations and infographics.

LinkedIn has features and services that increase visibility, connectivity, and skills of users in all fields including hospitality and housekeeping. LinkedIn easily logs changes and advances in employment making it a valuable tool for Therapia employees, so click here to create a profile today!