Have you been considering a school-based assignment for the upcoming school year? If you haven’t worked in a school setting before, there are a lot of factors to consider when deciding if it is your next career move. With several benefits to being a school-based clinician, we’ve written out a few for you to read through and keep in mind as you search for your next move.

Diverse Daily Responsibilities

School-based clinicians have busy schedules with diverse responsibilities, making every day different and exciting. One day you might meet with students individually, and another day you might help the school’s administrators develop activities and events to enhance student performance. You might also participate in community outreach programs outside school premises to learn more about the students’ home environments.

With the rotating to-do list, you will experience a new day with new challenges as opposed to falling into a rut.

Create a Safe Space

As a part of the student’s learning environment, you have the power to create a safe and welcoming space. Unfortunately, this might not be something the student feels everywhere, but you can make a difference in how they feel while in your care.

Take this opportunity as a chance to make a huge impact and feel the reward of a student being able to share openly and be fully themselves in the space you have created.

Flexible and autonomous schedule

When working as a school-based clinician, you get to work school hours. These tend to have earlier ends to the day and a nice long summer break.

This schedule is beneficial to so many clinicians that are back in school earning a new degree, juggling children of their own at home, or any other time obligation. Consider how working on a school schedule would alter your routine and the time it would free up for you to explore other passions while you research school-based positions.  

You Get to Enhance Teaching Efficacy      

School-based clinicians collaborate with teachers and other school-based professionals to help students achieve their educational goals, advancing their learning experience and creating a cohesive learning environment.

School-based professionals develop the students’ skills by creating plans for classroom sessions based on the evaluation of specific activities and techniques to determine each student’s behavior and learning abilities. Sharing this insight with the student’s teacher and other school professionals helps you and the entire system enhance the students’ learning experience.

Help Parents Help Their Children Reach Learning Milestones

While school-based professionals communicate actively with other professionals working with the student, clinicians also communicate with the parents to incorporate in-school lessons throughout their home life. You will be able to support the family, provide them with tools to enhance their child’s home environment and work together with the student’s best interest in mind.

Hearing improvements that the parents are seeing is a rewarding feeling that will remind you how important and effective your work is.

Work with Therapia

If a career in a school environment sounds right to you, connect with a recruiter and learn about opportunities with Therapia. We would love to work with you this school year!