5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Career Fairs - Therapia Staffing

With the online evolution and modernization, career fairs often appear bland and primordial. Don’t be deceived! Career fairs are an elusive goldmine that offers vis-à-vis networking opportunities and spruce up your mindset. So, how should you prepare to get the most out of a career fair?

1. Dress Decently

The first impression counts. This cliché has been grounded in our minds since time immemorial. You are addressed the way you dress. Don on clothes as if you are attending an interview. Trim your hair and keep your nails short. Be keen not to overdo makeup or wear skimpy clothes.
This is a formal meet up, and you do not want to draw any negative attention from the other participants. Decent dressing boosts one’s confidence. Who knows? You could land your white-collar job from that fair.

2. Some Thorough Research

Do some thorough research on the organizations and companies that will be present. Imagine showing up to an interview oblivious of your job description. A majority of career fairs have a full list of participating companies and their contact details. Be kind to yourself and research more on those companies.

It would help if you also researched your interested company’s mission, vision, and open job vacancies.

3. Rehearse Your Pitch and Brace Up for Contest

Take your time to keep your hand in delivering a killer pitch. Be sure to capture your details, your skills and academic qualifications, and career goals. Nobody will remember you by just saying “hey” and dropping off your curriculum vitae. Stand out and evince your worth.

There are numerous other contestants at the career fair as well. Tow your portfolio and several copies of business cards.

4. Interact with Fellow Participants

Network with other present people at the show. Exchange business cards and share out your skills and academic qualifications. Consequently, keep it formal and don’t get too personal with each other.
Remember, it does not end at the career fair. There may be other opportunities out there that you could recommend a friend.

5. Jot Down Some Notes

Takedown as notes as you interact with officers from the invited companies and organizations. Write down any important information you acquire during the exercise. Be keen to record any mentioned future hiring dates, internship opportunities, or other open-forum meetings. Don’t just stare at the recruiters.

With the above five tips, you are sure to enjoy all your career fairs. Consistency is critical, and only the smartest carry the day. Be one of those intelligent people!