6 Ways to Get an Interview Confidence Boost - Therapia Staffing

Job interviews are intimidating, but they are not nearly as scary when you can exude confidence. Here are some ways to boost your confidence before a job interview.

Give yourself a pep talk in a mirror

Looking at yourself directly through a mirror and affirming that you believe in your ability to succeed can give you all the pre-interview confidence you will need to nail it.

Remind yourself of everything you have accomplished

The key to being confident is feeling good about yourself. What better way to feel this way than to think about all your past successes? Reminding yourself of everything you have done well in your life will give you the confidence you need to feel like you have what it takes to do well in a job interview.

Try mediation or breathing exercises

Meditating and breathing exercises are excellent for clearing your mind and removing any negative thoughts that may pop into your head. Whether you use an advanced guided mediation through an app or website or a quick breathing exercise, these strategies can help you stay calm and focused.

Find an empowering pose

When you pose like a model or superhero in a mirror before your interview, this can help you feel stronger, more powerful and more confident. Try to find a pose that you like and strike that pose to manifest confidence before you walk into your interview.

Prepare your environment for a virtual interview

Virtual interviews have become more popular for a while now and are more common now than they ever were before. These interviews are convenient because you will not have to worry about how you will get there or forgetting to bring anything. However, you will still need to prepare by making sure your space looks appropriate and clean, and you will have easy access to your resume or portfolio.

Imagine it going well

If you can visualize what a successful job interview will look like before your interview takes place, you will be manifesting positivity that can turn into confidence. Thinking about all the things in your life that you are thankful for is also a great way to put a smile on your face and feel relaxed. Remind yourself that interviews are just conversations, so do not make it appear scarier than it is in reality.