7 Skills to Earn a Promotion While Working Remotely - Therapia Staffing

There are important skills that every remote worker should strive for when working toward a promotion. Here are seven skills to improve while working for your goals.


Most employers are good at figuring out who within their team is a leader and who is not. Anyone who wants to be promoted to a higher-level job must act like a natural-born leader. This includes asking questions, dominating conversations and suggesting ideas at group meetings.

Time Management

Working remotely is a challenge as you sit and concentrate for hours on the computer. You’re likely to become distracted by images on the Internet, computer files, TV or phone. Wasting time comes easily for every remote worker. Having good time management tells your employer that you get all of your work done right and on time.


Working remotely and successfully must include having exceptional communication skills. To be considered for a promotion, go above your ability to communicate well with your customers, coworkers and employers. Make use of every communication method you have, whether it’s by phone, email, texts, videoconferencing, etc.


Every successful remote worker is similar to an independent contractor who sets his or her own schedule. Work independently by figuring out problems on your own and taking the first initiative to complete your assignments.

Problem Solving

You face many different problems and situations when you work at a higher-level position. Show your ability to act quickly and logically without relying on others for advice.

Active Listening

Employers know which of their workers listens well and which ones do not. People who don’t listen properly miss vital information and interrupt everyone by asking unnecessary questions. Active listeners remember the details of their past conversations and carry this information into new discussions.

Standing out among a group of similar employees is never easy. That is what great leaders do and how they earn promotions, which gives them more power and respect within the company. However, this task is complicated by the effort of working alone and at home. There are certain skills that professionals must acquire to succeed in their plans.