Ways to Acknowledge Your Colleagues During Any Holiday - Therapia Staffing

People have so much to worry about during the holidays. There’s shopping, wrapping gifts, cooking, and planning get-togethers for family and friends. But with everything going on, it’s important to remember that your colleagues are busy and stressed as well. Don’t forget to take the time to show them you appreciate them during some of the busiest times of the year.

Here are some unique ways to thank all your colleagues.

Help them out

Holidays often bring enough stress without worrying about stressful tasks at work as well. One great way to show your colleagues you appreciate them is to help them with some of these tasks. Taking time out of your own busy schedule can be difficult, but it is worth it when it helps relieves someone else’s stress and worry.

Give them a card

There’s nothing better than a handwritten note to show your appreciation. When someone takes the time to personally write a nice note to say “thank you,” it can mean the world to someone who really needs it.

Bring snacks to work

Who doesn’t love a tasty treat, especially when it’s holiday-themed? You’ll probably get bonus points if you make the snack yourself, but even store-bought cookies are always popular. This gives your colleagues something to look forward to on their break, and it shows that you were thinking about them outside of work.

Be there for them

While holidays are generally joyous occasions, they can be really tough for some people. You don’t have to pry into the personal lives of your colleagues, but make sure they know you’re there if they need someone to talk to who will just listen and care.

Talk to your boss

We all want our bosses to know how great we are, but what about our colleagues? Remind your boss how awesome your colleagues are. Offer specific instances as well, such as the time someone handled a customer complaint in the best way possible and saved the day. Don’t let your boss forget how great everyone is and that they all deserve recognition.