A job as a travel nurse can be intensely emotionally and fiscally rewarding. Travel nurses have the chance to see the country. They also help fill in gaps in nursing care and make it easier for their fellow nurses to deliver the help their patients need. If you are thinking about applying for a travel nursing job, you’ll need a great resume. A fabulous resume will get in the door and get your career off on the right foot. Use this tricks to help you stand out and get hired.

Use Action Words

The first thing you should keep in mind is the kind of words you use on your resume. Avoid the passive voice. Grab the reviewer’s attention with action words. Use your nursing vocabulary to convey professionalism. Words like assessed, coordinated, diagnosed, documented, monitored, regulated, sutured and trained are a must. You want to tell the reviewer exactly what you did on the job and precisely how you did it. Action words tell that story well.

Understand the Applicant Tracking System

If you’re submitting your application online, it will surely go through the applicant tracking system. The computer has a look at it before anyone else does. You want to use this system to your advantage. Keep in mind the system may assign you a rank and will classify you by certain skills. This is why you want to be as specific as possible. If you worked in a ten bed ICU, say so. Highlight your relevant experience in a header so it will attract attention. This is also why you want to keep your resume clean and uncluttered. Using fancy fonts and unexpected placement of text helps the system avoid confusion.

List All of Your Certifications and Licenses

Don’t skimp here. This is the place to include every single license and certification you’ve ever earned. Nursing travel agencies are looking for candidates with highly specific qualifications. They need to make sure you can do the job from the day you show up. If you have a California nursing license, list it here. The same is true of any courses you’ve completed. Be specific. Tell them the complete name of the license. Include the licensing body that authorized the certification, any license number and if the certification expires. Tell them the date you earned the certification and if you’ve earned any advanced certifications since that time. You want to make it easy for the nursing travel agency to verify your that the information you’ve provided is completely correct and they can send you out on a job legally. If you’ve gotten married or changed your name in any way that differs from the name on the certification, you should list your prior name. You can explain why in your cover letter.

Spell Check

Spelling and grammar count as much as ever. A single error makes you look unprofessional. Have a close look at the resume after you’ve finished it. Ask someone else to look it over for you if possible. Spelling and grammar checkers can be useful but consider them a rough draft. Read every single line of your resume out loud. This will make it easier to locate errors that must be corrected before you do anything else.

Don’t Worry About Length

Standard resume advice tells people to keep it to single page. You can ignore this advice when you’re writing your nursing travel resume. You want your resume to have as many details as possible. You want to let them know about your entire career. Keep in mind that even a short stint in a particular area of nursing may be of use to the agency in finding you a travel nursing job. Other types of jobs may view people who take short term jobs in a negative light. Not so the nursing travel agency. When you demonstrate that you’ve successfully held a series of positions in the nursing field, you show them you are willing and able to help fill staffing gaps. You demonstrate that you are versatile and capable of responding to many kinds of nursing challenges. Travel agencies appreciate staffers who are highly adaptable and capable of reacting well to new environments. Include your managerial experience. Tell them about any awards you’ve won or how your hard work was recognized. Your goal is demonstrate that you are a good fit for the positions they want to fill.

Keep to the Big Six

Perhaps above all, bear in mind that each nursing resume should have six basic sections. You should include a summary of your qualifications. You should also include your specialty if you have one as well as any relevant education and all certifications you’ve ever earned. This is also where to put your professional experience. Modern nursing travel agencies also want to see that you have computer skills and understand modern charting systems. The order in which you list these qualifications is not set in stone. You can change them depending on the positions you see listed as well as other factors such as your desire to work in a specific region of the country.

Shine and Stand Out

Attention to detail is highly important. When you start with your summary, let employers know what you offer. Your specialty helps the agency fill specific positions. If you have more than one, list it. Your licenses and certifications should likewise show off your hard work and your qualifications for the position. Your professional experience should be specific and include details like the name of your employers and your employment periods. Your computer skills and education also demonstrate your commitment to the nursing profession.

A good nursing resume will help you get the nursing travel job you want. Make yours shine. Pay close attention to all the resume’s details before submitting it. Showcase your wonderful qualifications for the job and you will get the nursing travel job you’ve always wanted.