A Healthy Work Environment: High Standards of Care

When a healthy work environment is created, it allows nurses and all of the medical professionals to to provide very high standards of exceptional care to their valued clients. The overall care level tends to increase when healthy work environment standards have been implemented and a healthy environment has been created. This is because any work environment that empowers and satisfies employees can expect more enthusiasm in the environment and less friction.

A healthy work environment is possible when superior standards are in place. It is vital to have happy staff who feel valued. A satisfied employee tends to give their very best in every type of situation. Unhappy and unfulfilled employees tend to give less of themselves and have less work motivation on the job. Fulfillment at work will include the implementing of healthy work environment standards. The health of any work environment greatly affects everyone.

Healthy work environment standards lower the moral distress levels, eliminate workplace violence, and provide better staffing with retention included. It is helpful to conduct an assessment of a unit in order to determine what resources are needed in order to sustain and build a healthy work environment in which everyone thrives. The healthy work environment will automatically ensure that patient care is at a high quality level because happy employees tend to work harder at providing care with added compassion included.

Six Essential Standards

There are six vital standards that are needed in a work environment that will equal success while creating a healthy work environment for everyone. The following six standards must be weaved into the workplace environment:

  1. Authentic leadership; it is vital for leaders to encourage and engage all members in terms of its achievement.
  2. Meaningful recognition is vital; everyone ought to be recognized for bringing value to an organization. All employees are important to any company.
  3. Proper and appropriate staffing; there must be an effective match between the needs of the patients and the amount of the nurses on staff. A good ratio is necessary to avoid rushing and poor quality of care.
  4. Effective decision making; clear policies must be in place to lead the organizational operations. Clear direction and evaluation of the clinical care will keep everyone organized and expectations will be clear.
  5. Valid and true collaboration; this will lead to better results and stronger relationships among a team.
  6. Proficient communication skills; communication skills and clinical skills go hand-in-hand in a healthy work environment. Everyone is clear and organization automatically increases.

When these six standards are in place, a healthy work environment is the outcome along with quality offerings from enthusiastic professionals. Are you in a healthy work environment?