The only thing better than getting a call back is getting that coveted medical job. The second interview is a nice step in the process and that process should begin with a solid foundation, such as what you’ll find by using medical staffing sites such as Therapia Staffing. It’s the quickest and best way to be connected to the jobs that matter to your professional life.

Here are 5 things that can help you nail that second interview:

Know the drill

Second interviews differ from initial meetings. They might last all day or require you to be hands-on in unfamiliar settings. If you go in without any knowledge, chances are you’ll walk out without the job. Learn the ins and outs of the company. And if you know someone with familiarity with the company then grill them for information. Knowing is the key.

Dress to impress

Yes, you likely will be working in scrubs for a lot of nursing jobs. However, don’t show up in scrubs or in a casual uniform, even if the company calls for it.
Dressing professionally and stylishly shows a potential employer you have a willingness to look good. This might seem trivial, but employers do appreciate someone putting in the effort. It translates to work ethic as well.

Find a niche

Anyone can pump up a resume. But not everyone can truly show what they’re capable of when given the opportunity. It’s important to stand out in the second interview stage. This is the time to shine. It’s time to let that specific skillset show through in the clutch.

Ask questions

The first interview can be quick and you likely will be left with other questions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, including probing ones. Employers prefer those who can speak their minds and curiosity is never a bad thing. These questions aren’t the simple “what kind of coffee is in the break room?” Ask them about long-term goals for the department and company. Ask them about employee growth or if they value fresh ideas, among other things.

Be ready

It’s possible they might like you so much they offer you the job on the spot. Be prepared for this chance and have your salary questions ready. It’s best to ask for time to mull over the offer. Eager is good, but this shows some composure, which will be important in the long run.