The life of a travel nurse is a little more courageous than a full-time location-based nurse. Whether long or short term, a contract has its perks when working as a registered, licensed nurse. It works as nurses fill in the healthcare system gaps while still offering the thrill of independence of those who love to travel. However, while traveling, listening to some podcasts will entertain, educate and help the time pass by quickly. These podcasts range from personal experiences to technical, serious, and cheerful. Here are the best podcasts for traveling nurses and therapists.

Good Nurse Bad Nurse

Learning through storytelling experience is undoubtedly the most effective, as it has a story behind every lesson. Good nurse bad nurse is a podcast narrated by a registered nurse and aims to tell inspirational, cheery, dark, gloomy, and shadowy stories. Listening to it continuously reminds nurses that there are different sides to the work.

Vintage Traveling Nurse

When starting in the travel nurse’s industry, there’s much experience a nurse needs to gather to be comfortable and work seamlessly with the system. The vintage traveling nurse podcast is a detailed guide on how to be a travel nurse. It offers a clear perspective on expectations and life as a travel nurse and how to succeed in the career.

Travel Insiders

Getting insights from another travel nurse is a top priority when starting to work as a registered travel nurse. However, what’s even better is getting insights from an insider with decades of experience recruiting nurses in the travel nurse agency. The Travel Insiders created by Mark Holloway aims to provide transparency on newbie guides and be a better traveler. Besides, it offers a future aspect of what to expect in the health care industry.

Care Made Critical

Sometimes, nurses may feel like the work they do is not appreciated enough. Care Made Critical podcast is the perfect podcast to show nurses that their impact in the health care industry does matter. An ICU travel nurse and speaks on behind the scenes of life in the ICU.

Don’t Stop RVing

Being a travel nurse doesn’t need to be earth-shattering and scary, and that is what Don’t Stop RVing is all about. It is cheerful and by a traveling sonographer and their partner who works as a travel nurse who lives in their RV and travels around the United States. Topics generally dwell on healthcare travel and stories behind them.