Tips to Build Your Healthcare LinkedIn Profile - Therapia Staffing

Take your nursing or therapy career to the next level. With the right LinkedIn profile, you’ll have an easier time landing jobs and getting better opportunities. It’s not enough to just create an account. There are multiple ways to optimize yours to get the best results. Learn how to build your healthcare LinkedIn profile.

Create an Effective Headline

On LinkedIn, everyone has the option to make a headline that describes what they do. This headline is one of the first impressions people get of you, so it is important to choose a good one.

The beauty of it is that there are various ways to make an excellent headline. If you already have a job in your field, you could start with that for your headline. Then, you can use separators like “|” to add important skills, experience, and credentials.

Another headline you could make would be your profession followed by where you work. If you are a student or looking to transfer into another field, you could write “Future [the profession you want]” or [Aspiring Student Studying [Your Major].”

Examples of Healthcare LinkedIn Profile Headlines:

  • Registered Nurse | Over 20 Years Experience in Intensive Care
  • Registered Nurse at the Mayo Clinic
  • Future Therapist
  • Aspiring Student Studying Nursing at St. John’s University

Add a Professional Headshot and Background Photo

For the headshot, make sure you are dressed professionally and look friendly. The background picture can have you at work, with industry experts in your field, or an image related to your profession.

Fill in the About Section, Your Work History, Education, and Licenses/Certificates You Have

These are very important sections because they let people get to know you and your expertise. In addition, this information is used by LinkedIn to find out which profiles should pop up when people search.

Write a few sentences that sum up your work experience and passion in the About Section. Afterward, let people know which colleges you’ve attended and the degrees you have received in the Education area. In the Work History Section, include the jobs relevant to you. Be sure to write what you did at each job. Finally, in the Licenses/Certificates section add everyone related to your field.

Get Recommendations and Endorsements

Do you know anyone you work with that is on LinkedIn. If so, reach out to them and see if they are willing to give you a recommendation or an endorsement.

A recommendation would be someone writing a short paragraph on how great of a worker you are. In contrast, an endorsement is when someone vouches for a skill you added in your Skills section.

Aim for All-Star status

LinkedIn has a system where it can tell which sections you filled out. When most of the sections are completed, you can receive an All-Star status. This means people are more likely to see your healthcare LinkedIn profile.