Whoosh! It’s National Superhero Day and Therapia wants to recognize all that our clinicians do to be the superheroes in their students’ lives. Clinicians work to make a difference that will enhance the life each child will lead. From creating unique lesson plans to providing one-on-one time, clinicians are there to uplift and protect their students.

Here are 8 reasons you, as a clinician, are a superhero to your students. Read on!

Clinicians go above and beyond to help every child

“To infinity and beyond” is no exaggeration here. As a school-based clinician, you work hard to build trust with your students to create a safe space for them to learn and grow. This looks different for each student, but you are always willing to put in the time and work to build a bond and create a positive classroom environment for each student.

Clinicians do not give up on anyone

No student is too much for you! You face every student’s needs with a positive spirit and bring all of your education with you to provide the best possible experience. Some days might be harder than others, but you are always there for support, no matter what.

Clinicians prioritize social-emotional learning

As a clinician, you understand that learning is not just about a math problem or social studies lesson. You understand that social skills are a necessity in life that children can learn and build upon as they grow up. Social-emotional learning will help your students build strong relationships among their peers and will also allow them to understand the emotions they feel throughout their day. As you work with each student, modeling empathy teaches your students to be empathetic.

Clinicians often travel from school to school to make sure every student in need is visited each day

A lot of clinicians do not work in just one space. There are students in multiple classrooms and often different buildings altogether that need the time and care you provide as a school-based clinician. You fly from room to room, building to building, and show up in the way that your students need.  

Clinicians think deeply about their time with children and the impact they can have

Each day is never just a day to you. You actively plan lessons that have long-term benefits and lead to larger success for your students. The thought that goes into each lesson and each day leads to an overall vision of success you aim for each student to have.

Clinicians are encouraging

Your words matter, and you know it. You actively choose the words used around each student to express encouragement and excitement throughout the day. This is helpful for students that are easily discouraged or struggle when facing a transition.

Clinicians reevaluate and revise their procedures to meet the student right where they are

As your students evolve, so do your plans. Reevaluating and revising plans as necessary makes what you do that much more impactful. It is never a “one plan fits all” mindset, which is your strongest superpower. You adapt to the changing needs of each student to soar to greatness.

YOU are continually making decisions that are leading to the best overall results

Your students look up to you because they know you hold the knowledge. You inspire them with the power to make decisions that you believe are best and it helps each student today, tomorrow, and in their future!

Thank you for being a SUPERHERO

Models, protectors, saviors, guardians, and champions are all synonymous with “hero”. You do all of the above and more, flying in with your cape tied on tight to help your students. At Therapia, we are proud of our clinicians and all that you do to protect and guide the next generations.