Some individuals balk at the prospect of deriving pleasure from their work, but job satisfaction isn’t entirely elusive. A recent study conducted by FundRocket shed some enlightening perspectives on finding fulfillment in the workplace. Believe it or not, money wasn’t the primary driver of happiness. Here’s an overview of what researchers found.

Above all else, a sense of self-worth is what influences job satisfaction. When workers feel confident in their capabilities, it bodes well for morale. In essence, professional skill sets are a significant point of pride. Success begets success, and when individuals can trigger this domino effect, they feel more fulfilled. As a result, their reputation improves and climbing the corporate ladder is made possible.

Going hand in hand with self-esteem is self-reliance. As employees grow more comfortable in their positions, they’re less likely to rely on superiors for help and guidance. This level of independence goes a long way in the business realm. Not only does this make workers feel more assured in their roles, but it gives them a sense of belonging as well. Almost as if the job was designed specifically for them. 

Workload completion is conducive to job satisfaction as well. The more productive businesspeople feel, the more likely they are to reach unprecedented industry heights. With that said, employees who complete substantial tasks throughout the day are overall more content in their roles. Hallie Crawford, a noted career coach, maintains that goal setting is at the forefront of productivity. So long as workers have a set of objectives they’re attempting to fulfill, they’ll be working diligently to meet them.

Moreover, room for growth plays an integral role in job satisfaction. While restrictions and guidelines have their place in business, employees respond poorly to constraints that preclude them from growing. In fact, staff members derive great joy from transcending industry norms and cultivating new skills. It’s for this reason why self-improvement is yet another source of job gratification. People are always looking for opportunities to diversify, and this notion rings undoubtedly true in the workplace.

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Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash