When you’ve been submitting your resume to different positions and getting no results in return, you’re likely to feel frustrated. The issue, however, may lie in the fact that your resume contains one or more of the most common mistakes. Resolving these problems can lead you to a more fruitful job search.

Don’t Skip a Template

While your resume has to show your individual personality, you also need to follow the conventions of the field. Before you submit your next resume, review some samples from the field. In fact, if you have access to your university career or writing center, you may want to speak with a consultant about how to proceed.

Don’t Write Too Much

If you’re particularly eager to get a position, you might want your readers to know every detail about you. Keep in mind, though, that one page is a fairly standard length fo a resume. Of course, the length of the resume does depend upon the field and the number of years of experience you have. In any case, keep the resume as concise as you can while still incorporating the necessary details.

Don’t Forget the Cover Letter

Without a cover letter, your readers might not get to know as much about you as they should. Typically, a job posting is going to call for both a cover letter and a resume. In short, if you forget the cover letter, you’re already showing the employers that you don’t follow instructions. The cover letter gives you the space to elaborate on crucial information that is potentially too verbose for the resume itself.

Don’t Fail to Customize

Of course, your resume is going to contain some of the same information no matter where you send the document. Other details, however, need to be customized for the specific position. Carefully read through the job posting to get a strong sense of what the position calls for. Make sure your resume speaks to that call.

Don’t Avoid the Keywords

As you’re scanning the job posting, you’ll likely see some keywords that stand out to you. Also, if you know the field well, you should also be aware of the current terminology used in the workforce. Incorporating these terms into your resume shows your reader that you’re knowledgable when it comes to the position.

You might not think that a mistake on your resume is a big deal. However, consider all of your competitors. In order to be the applicant who gets the job, you need to fix these issues.