We celebrate all of our CNAs, Certified Nursing Assistants, this week in honor of National CNA Week!

CNAs provide direct care to so many patients whether in hospitals, nursing homes, or at-home care. As a vital part of a larger care team, the Certified Nursing Assistants help patients with a variety of basic needs, including eating, bathing, grooming, mobility, and so much more. They serve as the direct link between patients and nurses, getting to know patients well and being able to pick up on subtle changes or client needs and are able to start the chain of action needed to optimize patient care.

As a CNA, you represent an essential part of the patient-care team, from assisting the medical staff to providing not only physical care for patients but also emotional and spiritual support, you truly make a difference in the lives of patients and families. Those who work with or have been cared for by CNAs like you know your importance and you should be proud of your contribution to the quality and heartfelt healthcare you provide.

How Can You Celebrate?

If you are not a medical professional, the simplest way to celebrate is to thank the CNAs in your life. A simple verbal thank you or even a thank you card can go a very long way in honoring the work CNAs do!

If you are a medical professional, celebrate the CNAs in your office or hospital facility with something special! Maybe it is a card signed by all of your unit’s patients or a treat to a surprise coffee on their next shift. Both of these options will put a smile on your CNAs face.

If you are a CNA – celebrate yourself! Take some time to truly honor the work you put in and the dedication you show to your patients as well as facilities with every shift and be proud of yourself. If you have a day off coming up, try to plan something relaxing like a massage or outdoor picnic. You deserve to decompress and recharge.

Thank You from Therapia!

We recognize and celebrate how essential your work as a CNA is to medical facilities around the nation. We would like to thank the 51 active Therapia CNAs for everything you continue to do and we hope you have a truly special week.