You may think your work is done once you submit a job application to a potential employer, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Turning in a paper application or sending one in online is just one step in the process to trying to get a new job. After the application is submitted, you will want to follow up with the hiring manager to not only make sure they received it, but to also put your name towards the top of the applicant list.

It’s always important to apply for a job in exactly the way the employer requests. If they want you to email them a resume and cover letter, do so. If they ask you to bring a paper copy of your resume in to their business and then fill out an application as well, that’s exactly what you want to do. The first impression a hiring manager will have of you is how well you follow their instructions in applying for the job. You want to give them the best first impression possible. 

Once you have submitted your application and other hiring materials as requested, you will want to follow up to make sure your materials were received. Be sure to check the application instructions you received before calling the hiring manager. Some of them specifically say that they will not receive phone calls in regard to the job posting. You don’t want to call someone after being told not to. That could cause your application to move to the bottom of the pile. 

Some hiring managers will ask that you follow up via email, or through a voice messaging service. In either instance you should plan out your message carefully before sending/leaving. Keep it brief and to the point. Let them know your name, the job you applied to, and when you submitted your application. Tell them you want to make sure your materials were received, and look forward to hearing back from them regarding the position. Finish the message with your phone number and/or email address – whichever is the best way to contact you. Do not go into more detail than that. The opportunity to share about yourself will arise if you are called in for an interview. 

If the job listing has no particular instructions on if and how the hiring manager will take inquiries regarding the position or your application, feel free to contact them in the way you think would be best. Feel free to follow up with us too!

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash