Nurses are among the first line of defense against pandemics. When the government orders them to stay at home, they must find ways to keep their spirits up. Fortunately, there are many ways that nurses can maintain an upbeat attitude during difficult times. For example, nurses can focus on things that will make them feel happy or spend time with a loved one who has a positive outlook.

Have Gratitude

Reminding yourself of the good things in your life and focusing on what you like can help you maintain an optimistic outlook. It’s hard to be happy when people around you are stressed. By writing or speaking about the positives in your life, you strengthen your sense of self-worth and keep your spirits up. You can also focus on essential things, like staying healthy and practicing good hygiene.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Nurses who have a good support network tend to avoid becoming too stressed. Friends and family members can help nurses keep their spirits up when they see others getting down. Nurses can also seek inspiration by watching motivational videos or reading inspirational posts and stories on the Internet.

Focus on Yourself

It’s not easy to believe that you can help others when experiencing pain and sickness. However, by looking inward, you can find the strength to stay positive. Consider how your life has been lately and what you have accomplished. You may find that these achievements make you feel proud of who you are.

Prepare to Pay it Forward

Nurses face significant challenges as they treat patients during a pandemic. For most professionals on the front lines, their days are filled with emotion, stress and fast paced demands. Nurses can pay it forward by being a hand to hold, lending an ear to a patient who feels they need to be heard or being that person that the patient looks forward to seeing when their family and friends can not visit due to health precautions for the patient and staff. 


Nurses should take time to practice optimism during pandemics. When they feel inadequate, they can find ways to feel happy or focus on the things that bring them peace. By doing so, nurses can help others who are stressed or sick and keep their spirits up. Nurses should also learn how to prepare for the future and teach others how to take care of themselves before a pandemic hits.