Research has shown that the average person will go on many different job interviews during their professional career. During these interviews, the employers will ask questions concerning the applicant’s strengths and their potential fit among other questions. How applicants answer these questions will determine if they eventually get the job. To help give job applicants some insight, here is a look at some popular questions that applicants will likely be asked on their interview.

Tell Me About Yourself.

Many times, employers will start the interview with this question. Job applicants should already have an answer in mind for the question. Job applicants should focus on their job history and their best accomplishments. Applicants should try to list things that aren’t directly listed on their resume.

What are Your Most Impressive Strengths?

Applicants should talk about their strengths related to the job description. The job description will often list several different skills that are necessary to fill the role. Applicants who possess these qualities should mention that when they talk about their strengths.

What Are Some Areas That Need Improvement?

Interviewers will be curious to see if applicants will list actual areas that they feel need improvement. Applicants should list a problem and different ways that they plan to improve the issue and get better.

What Is It About Our Company That Appeals To You?

Interviewers want to know if applicants have done research on the company before applying for a position. Applicants should do extensive research on the company before heading to the interview. It’s important that applicants have a clear idea of the history of the company, the industry, and any details regarding the company that they are applying for.

How Do You Deal With Adversity?

Interviewers ask this question to gain a better understanding of the applicant’s previous employment experiences. Applicants should describe a time when they faced some adversity. Interviewers would like to hear how applicants dealt with the adversity and turned a negative situation into a positive.

Why Are You The Right Candidate?

Applicants should list their skills and accomplishments to explain why they are the right fit for the position. They should list direct ways that their skills are a perfect match with the job description.

What are Your Future Plans?

Interviewers may ask applicants where they see themselves in the future as a way to see whether the applicant would like to grow with the company. Applicants should explain why they plan to be with the company for a long time and how they plan to evolve over time.