Demonstrating your passion for the job to a potential employer is critical during the hiring process. In fact, it can be the deciding factor that determines whether or not you are offered the position. Why is this the case? Hiring and training a new hire is an involved process, and companies are searching for candidates that show enthusiasm and interest in their chosen field – as this typically means they’re far more likely to be successful in their new role. With this in mind, here are four ways you can show your passion when submitting your resume and going in for an interview.

1. Create a Targeted Resume

Your resume will likely be one among many, and spending the extra time and effort to target it to the company in question can pay huge dividends. Businesses often receive an avalanche of generic, boilerplate resumes which lack inspiration or any feeling of individualized attention. If you carefully research the company, its history, challenges and advantages in the marketplace, goals and culture – you’ll be able to fine-tune your resume to better fit the job being offered.

2. List Relevant Activities

Many job seekers forget that their hobbies, interests and activities provide insight about their passions to a prospective employer. Don’t neglect to include any which are relevant to the job you’re applying for, as this proves that you aren’t just looking for a paycheck – you truly enjoy the work. Be sure to highlight any applicable clubs or organizations of which you’re a member as well. If you’re not currently a member of a professional community pertaining to your field, consider joining the most prestigious one to set your resume apart.

3. Don’t Play a Passive Role

Interviewers often look to see if a candidate asks smart questions, as this shows that they have a solid understanding of the industry as a whole and the job in particular. Here again research is your ally and doing your homework beforehand is critical to achieving a good interview. Also remember to ask questions about the other positions in the department, and how you can better support them if you’re hired. This demonstrates a teamwork mentality, which employers love to see.

4. Go the Extra Mile

The vast majority of applicants will only get back in touch to ask if they got the position. To stand out from the crowd go the extra mile, and send a short and enthusiastic note (either by post or email), telling the interviewer how nice it was to meet them and how excited you are to help the department achieve its goals moving forward.