When on the hunt for a job, one of the first notions to strike your mind is – what makes my resumé or portfolio unique? What makes one get noticed? There is one more than one avenue to achieve this.

Who Should I Know To Get Noticed?

It’s not necessary to have a long list of stellar contacts or references. In time, such things are gathered. Perhaps you can achieve some references while volunteering your time somewhere. This is attainable.

Bypass The Competition, Reach Out Directly

It is true large companies or corporations receive 20 or more applications per minute. Fortunately, if you’re working within a smaller pool of employees, it’ll be slightly easier to get noticed. This begs the question (still) – how do you stand out entirely? You channel that enthusiasm into contacting the hiring manager directly. This shows a boldness and directness that employers find curious.

Confidence Without Arrogance, Tenacity and Competence

The real test is demonstrating your strengths. It isn’t enough to seem knowledgeable. You must prove, without a doubt, you are the best candidate for the current vacancy. In order to address this objectively, you’ll have to think back on all of your duties, your strengths and be honest on what you’d like to work on. This is what you’ll thoughtfully craft into a letter or email. In some instances, this approach will initiate a quick response.

Connection & Networking

It isn’t advisable to haphazardly friend or cling to people simply because they’re in your field. This is sloppy and comes across as desperate. You’ll want to reach out to select individuals that you’d like to know and naturally click with. This will help to ensure a strong bond and commonality of cause. When strengthening your relationship, figure out how to help them and some questions or issues they might have. It could help you, too, with a situation that may arise in the future. We know to expect the unexpected and to keep the doors of opportunity open.

This doesn’t have to be as taxing as one often believes it to be. When you organize each step of the way, it will lead to success eventually. The keys are strategy and sincerity.