Physical therapy is a career that entails helping people to improve mobility and manage pain. The people who physical therapists help are usually injured, sick and/or old. Here are some ways that physical therapists can earn more.

Choosing The Right Environment

If you want to increase your earnings as a physical therapist, it is important to choose the right type of place to work in. Physical therapist tend to make more money when they work in nursing and residential care facilities. The next best thing to this, salary-wise, is working for home healthcare services. In 2017, physical therapists who worked in residential care facilities earned a median income of about $92,320, while physical therapists who worked for home healthcare services earned a median of $92,320.

Opening Your Own Clinic

Another road to go down if you want to make more money is to open your own clinic. There are many benefits to running your own business that you can enjoy if you go down this path. Also, this is a great time open your own clinic because of the fact that there is a great demand for physical therapy clinic, and this demand will increase over time.


Another way to make more money as a physical therapist is to take part in the telehealth field. Also known as telemedicine, it has to do with giving healthcare through technology. You can be in a remote location as you provide your services to those who need it the most. Internet connections and the existence of portable devices like smartphones and tablets make this easier than ever.

Learn New Skills

Another way to make more money as a physical therapist is to learn new skills and specializations. There are a number of different specializations that you can learn. The most lucrative specializations are sports injuries and geriatrics. The profitability of geriatrics is especially true because of the fact that the Baby-Boomers, a very large generation, is now aging.


Another way to make more money as a physical therapist is to relocate. Different states and cities offer different salaries for physical therapists. For example, in 2018, physical therapists in Nevada made the most–$107,920. Meanwhile, states like Vermont were making about $75,010.

In conclusion, if you want to make more as a physical therapist, you should specialize in a certain area of specialization, choose the right type of workplace to work in, open your ow clinic and engage in telehealth. If you are okay with relocating, you can also relocate.