A job offer is just an initial step to getting a good job. If you want to find a good job, you are going to have to fully evaluate potential employers. In order to properly conduct an evaluation, you are going to have to know exactly what you want when it comes to salary, work culture, location, career advancement, management, and retirement potential. After evaluating the employers, you are going to have to evaluate yourself.

Search for the Right Answers

If you want to insure you are on the right path, do some independent research before accepting a job offer. Begin your research by going over the job offer details. Make sure the initial offer aligns with what you want, then cross-reference the job offer with online employment reviews. If you are having trouble finding online reviews for the company, arrange to talk with employees of the company. You are trying to find out if the job offer matches the reality of the culture of the company. The next step is to research your paycheck.

Calculate the Full Employee Benefits

A company will sometimes have added benefits that indirectly boost employee salaries. A company may have a gym, daycare center, salon, free meals, free college education, employee stock benefits, and free employee vacations. These are just some of the direct monetary benefits a company can have. In addition to monetary benefits, a company can have culture benefits to boost employee comfort. A company can have spas onsite, special parking, free product testing, and specialized workspaces. To fully calculate if you are getting what your worth, you have to factor in all of the employee perks.

Know When to Negotiate

Before you go to your job interview, make a list of what’s most important to you within the job, and what is most important to you outside of the job. Outside of the job, things like quality of schools, proximity to friends and family, recreation in the area, and neighborhood quality are just some of the things that can determine the quality of a job offer. Rank what’s important for you to have from negotiable to non-negotiable, and use this as the basis for accepting a job offer.