An excellent resume provides the job seeker with the opportunity to make a strong impression, but career changers can truly benefit from the boost. Writing a resume when changing careers can be a difficult task to undertake. Fortunately, applicants who keep a few tips in mind can design a more effective resume to secure the job.

Change the Resume Format

Individuals who are leaving the world of business and transitioning into a job in the nursing or therapy field should consider changing the format of their resume. Creating a resume that prioritizes skills and specialized training over work history may be a better option to ensure that hiring managers are focusing on the right set of data in a resume.

Construct a Resume Objective

Creating a brilliant resume objective is one of the first things that a wise applicant does when changing careers. Applicants should focus on being specific as possible to state what type of job that they are seeking, and to confirm that they are qualified by their skill set, even if they have unrelated experience.

Perform Deep Research

Transitioning into a new field or position often requires performing in-depth research of the industry and the company that the applicant is interested in. Review company websites and social media profiles for deeper insight into what they are looking for. Applicants who are seeking employment should also learn the lingo associated with the industry and company, and include those terms and phrases in their resume. The jargon may also be keywords sought by applicant tracking systems (ATS) customized by employers to filter applicants quickly, but those who choose their words mindfully can pass this kind of review.

Highlight Transferable Skills

Each person develops a unique set of hard and soft skills, and determining which ones are most valuable and transferable to a position is key. One should take survey of the skills that he or she included on an old resume, and then add the skills that are most compatible for the current position to the new resume. Working for Therapia can be an excellent choice for anyone seeking a new position that encourages them to use their transferable skills and caring qualities when serving others.

Share Useful Experiences and Achievements

Being able to take past experiences and make them sound relevant for other industries is extremely helpful for career changers. Doing so is more of a matter of perspective and the way that the applicant chooses to present themselves. How a person views the experience they already have can make a convincing impact on a hiring manager. Job seekers must remember that both professional and informal experience can be relevant to the hiring manager when pursuing a career change.

The biggest mistake an individual can make when changing careers is to fail to customize his or her resume. Updating a resume correctly and efficiently when changing careers can make the difference between finding a job quickly and staying unemployed for months. However, career changers in the medical field with relevant resumes are in a prime position for hire.

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