As a school-based clinician, one of the best benefits is those few months a year that school is out of session. Summer break is not just for the students, quite frankly it’s more for the teachers and clinicians. So we wanted to pull a list together of things to do with this well-deserved time off.

Check out some of the things Therapia Clinicians enjoy doing over summer break, from sleeping in to exploring the world, below.

Enjoy your mornings

There is no rush of the school bell, no bus to catch, and no classroom to be on time for. Take this ease in your schedule to sleep a little later or pour your coffee a little more lazily. A morning without a set start time is nearly nonexistent in adulthood – take a few days to catch up on sleep at the start of break and save the alarm clock for later.

This time of day during summer break is also an opportunity to devote to yourself. Whether it is enjoying your coffee outside with a book, taking a walk while playing your podcast, or enjoying a long shower, make your morning routine just what you want.

Visit Family

As a traveling clinician, you might have been on an assignment far from home or right around the block. No matter the distance, use this time off to visit your loved ones near and far. Without having to call off for the day or squeeze a weekend visit in, you can bask in the family visit and spend quality time together. A family vacation is obviously on the summer to-do list too!

Try That New Hobby

What is something you wanted to try during the school year but never got around to? There is some new recipe or a DIY craft that you found online and hit “save for later” – well later is here and ready for the new challenge. Some of these crafts might be for your work in the classroom and it will be great to prepare for the new year with this, but make sure to try a hobby that you personally have an excitement about too.

Regroup, Relax, Get Outside

During the school year, your schedule can feel tight, juggling a school schedule and personal obligations is a lot so utilize this time to focus on one thing – you. Spend more time on self-care you enjoy and participate in outdoor activities to get out of your head.

Time away from the classroom will help you recharge for the upcoming school year and time spent outdoors will have you missing your time in the classroom…eventually.

Read from your bookshelf 

Pick back up where you left off with your “to read” list or find a brand-new book entirely to escape reality in. Check out People Magazine’s list of 20 best books to read this summer and find one that fits your reader niche. A book read outside in the summer just hits different.

Vacay Hard

Vacations don’t have to be visiting lavish locations across the globe, (although totally do that!), vacation can be your mindset. Let the alarm snooze, put your phone on do not disturb, and check out – even if it is just an hour a day. This mindset will help you fight the fatigue or burnout you might be feeling.

A mini-vacation near your home can feel like an escape just as easily as a resort island. If you can, find time for both this summer.

Then Veg Hard

After a mini-vacation, come home and veg out on the couch with your go-to summer treat and Netflix. This is your chance to start a new show and watch it all the way through – fully undisturbed with work. Elle Magazine has published 16 shows to watch this summer so peep the list and set your eyes on the show of your choice.

Happy Summer!

We hope you enjoy your summer vacation and look forward to the next school year! We have great opportunities for clinicians in a variety of specialties and would love to work with you. Check out our open opportunities or connect with a Therapia recruiter to learn more!