While helping people is rewarding, being able to advance in your career is an additional incentive. Being able to advance to a higher-level position, make more money, and earn respect are the ultimate rewards for years of investment. Taking the right steps over the course of your career will increase your chances of advancing.

Continue Your Education

In many careers, more education means more money. Many employees are pursuing a master’s degree in order to make more money and become eligible for promotions. Master’s degrees are especially helpful in making more money in the helping professions (e.g. human services, nursing, education, etc.). According to Monster.com, master’s degree holders bring home about 236 dollars more than those who hold a bachelor’s degree and 730 dollars more than those who hold a high school diploma. A master’s degree is a requirement for many management positions. Fortunately, you do not even need to step foot on a brick-and-mortar campus to earn an advanced degree because many degree programs are available online through both reputable brick-and-mortar schools or respected online-only universities. Earning a degree online allows you to earn it on your own schedule without having to worry about the time and other factors associated with commuting. While you may be in debt for a few years, you will be making more in the long-term.


That saying, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know” is unfortunately true. Building connections over the course of your career will help you get promotions and upper-level positions. You can start building connections in college with your professors who work in the field. LinkedIn is a great way to find people who work in your field. Connecting with them and messaging them will help you get to know them.

Go the Extra Mile

Going the extra mile by performing tasks beyond your job description. Fill in when your co-workers call out, and volunteer for overtime. Going the extra mile over a certain number of years will show management that you deserve to advance in your position and/or pay.

Talk to Management

Sometimes, people who advance the most in a company are those who knew how to negotiate. Talking to management about how the company will benefit by you being paid more and/or promoted into a higher position. After all, being well-compensated and motivated will encourage you to put even more effort into your work. Thinking about the current state and happenings of the country will help advance your argument. Performance reviews are good times to mention the possibility of a raise or promotion.