How to Transition Into a Career as a Traveling Therapist | Therapia Staffing

Traveling therapy roles afford medical professionals a way to try out new jobs in different settings. These engagements are lucrative, interesting and have many other benefits for both the clinical facility and the traveling therapist. If you’ve been considering the traveling therapist lifestyle, one thing that might be holding you back is wondering how to transition into these roles. We have a few tips that will help you make the leap into the traveling therapist lifestyle.

Tip #1: Find the right recruiter.

There are dozens of recruiters to choose from in healthcare today. Our recommendation is to find one or two you’re comfortable working with. It’s an invaluable partnership that can help land you in the perfect first role that will pave the way for a successful traveling therapist career. Look for a recruiter that works hard to understand what you want in the role, what area of the country you’d like to try out, the kind of culture you feel most comfortable in and your financial goals. If your recruiter isn’t working to determine your specific needs, wants and priorities in life, consider walking away.

Tip #2: Obtain your licensure.

Obviously, if you’re crossing state lines, licensure is important. Talk with your recruiter about which states seem the hottest for PT, SLP or OT travelers. If you know which state you want to target, and the recruiting team has strong relationships with healthcare organizations in the region, by all means, start the credentialing process. However, be open to trying other locations that fit your needs as well. It always takes a few months to receive licensure, so start the process as early as possible.

Tip #3: Narrow down the locations within the state you have selected.

Many times there are multiple choices for traveling jobs within the region you’ve selected. With licensure in hand, you can begin to narrow down the specific facilities you’re interested in working with. Ask your recruiter to send you the list of all the jobs that fit your credentials and talk with them about the ones you select to find out more. Then check out the region for local color. What is housing like? What activities are in the area? Is it a city you’ve been particularly interested in exploring?

Tip #4 Make the transition by leaving your old job.

With the groundwork laid, the next step is to take the leap of faith. Letting your existing employer know of your decision with 30- to 60- days notice is typically the most ethical approach. We know how time-consuming it will be to find a replacement, so work with your existing team to ensure the transition is a smooth one.

Your Adventure Awaits

Travel therapists can build clinical skills while exploring a variety of career options. Higher pay is only one of the benefits of these roles, which are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for younger professionals as well as empty nesters.

Therapia Staffing has a highly experienced team standing by with just the right role to fit your lifestyle and goals. Traveling therapists enjoy the excitement of exploring new cities while trying out new facilities and teams. If you’re considering a change of pace, contact our team to talk about your next steps as a traveling therapist.