There’s nothing quite as exciting and intellectually stimulating as working in the medical sector. Nurses and therapy professionals are continually presented with a wide range of experiences that cause them to learn, grow, and interact with others in more dynamic, informed ways. Yet at some point, many professionals find that their growth has come to a standstill. The reality of stagnation can be a difficult thing to grapple with, and it is at this point that medical professionals oftentimes begin contemplating what they can do to facilitate career advancement. When medical professionals begin to contemplate these matters, they should recognize the role that taking career risks can play in helping them grow personally and professionally. Read on to learn more about signs that it’s time to take a career risk:

1. You’re No Longer Gaining New Responsibilities.

When nurses reach a point in which they’re simply doing the same thing over and over, it’s time to ask for new responsibilities. This process involves risk for many reasons, including the reality that the fear of failure is almost always present whenever an individual begins doing things they have never done before. Yet the benefit of taking this risk is the increased opportunity for career advancement as your skill set broadens. Taking on more responsibilities can also increase your competence and confidence, which in turn can make promotions and bonuses more likely.

2. You Have No Plan B.

Another indication that it’s time to take a career risk is having no plan B. When people simply move through their nursing or medical career with no thought to how they will advance or which other positions in the industry would be appropriate for them, they are in a sphere of stagnation and uncertainty. At this point, it’s time to devise a plan that will entail vocational growth. This process involves risk because plans can and often do fail, but the good thing is that failure presents individuals with a wide range of important learning experiences that eventually lead to success. One key thing to think about when putting together your plan B is the power and efficacy of networking. Attending conferences, lectures, and social events where medical professionals will gather is a wonderful way to continually connect with individuals who could eventually become a mentor, business partner, boss, or the person who writes a letter of recommendation which secures a dream job.


Once medical professionals realize that they’re no longer satisfied with the level of success they’ve attained, it’s time to begin taking career risks. Luckily, the process of taking career risks does not have to be a scary or haphazard one. To make the most of this process, refer back to the instructions and advice provided in this article. As readers begin contemplating their next career step, they should be sure to consider working for Therapia. The professionals of this organization are pleased to provide employees with a wide range of career opportunities that will optimize personal growth and professional advancement.