You look online excited to see that your dream job is posted in exactly the right location with the clinical setting you were looking for and with the press of a button your resume has been sent. You now wait anxiously for a call from the hiring recruiter letting you know “You got the job!!” but instead you get a call and the hiring recruiter letting you know that YOUR dream job was just filled. Or maybe the Director or Manager is currently interviewing other candidates and you missed the cut off. Confused, frustration and uncertainty of the next steps all could be emotions you are feeling now. At Therapia Staffing we understand all these emotions and instead of presenting a “job mirage” we have real conversations about the reality of contract staffing so that collectively a genuine career path decision can be made.

While there are lots of great opportunities across the country and benefits that contract employment offers unmatched compared to traditional jobs it’s important that YOU understand the WHO/WHAT/WHEN/WHY and HOW this all works, the truth behind it all. The founding team at Therapia Staffing all have 20+ years in the healthcare staffing industry and are committed to making sure that we treat all our professionals with the honest, individualized attention we would expect to receive. Let’s talk about your career goals and experience a true understanding of all that contract employment can offer you professionally.

Therapia Staffing at the heart of all we do is you!