A job as a traveling nurse can be a great way to see the country and use the nurse’s skills at the same time. Travel nurses earn good salaries. They’re also in high demand. However, a job as a travel nurse can be hard on the person’s partner. Fortunately, there is a solution. Someone who is married or partnered with a travel nurse can find a career of their own. The right career makes it easy for the partner to travel with their partner to new and exciting destinations. A good job can also make the partner’s career equally delightful.

Become a Freelancer

Freelancing is a fabulous way to earn a living. Freelancers are much in demand in certain fields such as graphic design. A freelance writer can work on a book as they travel. Other jobs are equally ideal including pet care, artists and translators.

Work Remotely

Remote work is increasingly becoming an option for today’s busy employees. Many companies are now open to letting people work at home. A savvy, highly skilled worker can take advantage of this fact to work out a deal that lets them work in any city they choose. Many companies today are anxious to please their best employees. An employee can choose to negotiate a contract that allows them the flexibility to do their jobs and yet still advance their careers forward.


Many companies are looking for qualified volunteers. Work as a volunteer is a great way to round out a resume. Companies appreciate those who are willing to put in effort in return for the opportunity to learn. Many jobs also require the completion of a stint volunteering. For example, someone who wants to enter vet school can choose to volunteer their time at a local animal hospital. This is an ideal thing for the traveler to do as their partner works. Many such travel nursing jobs pay enough to cover the expenses for both both partners.

Seasonal Jobs

For those who like to do a lot of travel nursing, seasonal jobs are a good choice for a partner. Seasonal jobs are jobs that are particularly busy during certain times of the year. For example, many companies gear up for the holiday gift giving season by hiring more employees to deal with the coming seasonal shopping rush. The same is true of the highly skilled accountant during any given tax season.