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Job Overview

Covering grades Pre K-12. The school nurse, under the direction and supervision of the School Health Services Administrator, implements, manages, and delivers school health services to assigned schools. Specific activities, duties and responsibilities are determined by resources available and agreement with the school district. Responsibility for the health and safety of students remains with the school district. Laws and regulations and professional school nursing standards define the school nurse scope of practice.

Essential Functions

  • Assess student and school needs to, in coordination with school administrators, prioritize nursing duties and determine what can and cannot be done within the time provided.
  • Communicate with school administrators regularly student and school health needs are being addressed and those that are not.
  • Assess students with identified health conditions to; determine if the student’s condition(s) is/are complex and/or potentially life threatening, determine how to best address the student’s health needs, cooperatively develop procedures and plans to address those needs, communicate plans with appropriate staff including procedural instruction confirming staff competence, monitor plan effectiveness and staff readiness, and revise plans as needed. Instruct, delegate and supervise medication administration and medical/nursing treatments as allowed by law.
  • Participate with other educational and health professionals in developing individualized educational plans and 504 accommodation plans. Assess the physical, emotional, and social health of students as related to their educational success within the scope of school nurse practice to; determine strengths and potential concerns, initiate referrals for further diagnosis, treatment or support of those concerns, monitor referrals to assure concerns are addressed assist student and family to understand and manage interventions and recommendations from different referrals, communicate with healthcare providers with parent and/or student consent cooperatively develop 504 accommodations if needed, and work with staff to understand student conditions, how they affect learning and how to support student strengths and positively influence health concerns.
  • Provide consultation services to school personnel regarding health issues, e.g., communicable disease control.


35 hours per week, each week.




Required License: RN
Specialty: Other

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