How to Make Sure You Leave the Office When You Work from Home - Therapia Staffing

Whether you’re a nurse, provide therapy, or work in a related field, thinking about work is something you’ve probably done. If you’re currently working from home, maintaining healthy boundaries between work and home life can be even more challenging. Fortunately, the following three easy tips can help you leave work behind and focus on your own life at the end of the workday.

Trust Your Coworkers

No matter which setting you’ve worked outside of the home, you’ve had to hand off patients to others. Whether you’re giving report to a nurse on the next shift, concluding your treatment notes, or merely taking a lunch break, the experience is rather similar. You provide someone with comparable qualifications with enough information to provide care to the patients.

Although you don’t see the next clinician when working in a telehealth setting, they are still there. Moreover, they’re just as or more qualified than you are to make competent care decisions for your patients. Remind yourself of this fact the next time you start thinking about a case after hours.

Quitting Time is for Quitting

While it seems rather obvious that you need to stop working at the end of the workday, it can be surprisingly hard to switch gears when working from home. Whether this is because you think not having a commute can justify spending an extra hour at your desk, or you’re getting a head start on tomorrow’s work, you need to stop working past your scheduled workday.

If you’ve worked in direct patient care, you’ve most likely dedicated time to report at the beginning and end of the workday. While you don’t need to add any time to your workday, setting a deadline for taking on new projects can ease your transition to non-working hours. Devote the last half hour or hour to tying up loose ends and walk away from your work desk at quitting time.

Maintain A Post-Work Routine

Shortening or eliminating your end-of-day routine makes it harder to separate your working day from your non-working day. While your commute may be reduced to walking from one room to another, you still need to maintain your home life. Cook dinner and complete a few basic chores such as tidying or vacuuming. Keeping such physical, mental, and social boundaries will help you get the most from your work-at-work and personal life.