Many of us have dreams of traveling: seeing the country, visiting various sights and getting immersed in the culture of one city before moving on to another. Travel requires funding, however, and earning money requires a job.

If you have a job, though, that usually means you’re tied to one place and your visits to other cities are limited to a handful of days once or twice a year, especially in healthcare or education. Or you could look for work in the places you want to visit, but when you’re ready to hit the road again, you have to quit the job. Quitting jobs often makes you look disloyal, unreliable and downright flaky.

Hiring a staffing agency to solve these problems is key and Therapia Staffing offers you a solution to your dilemma.

Nationwide jobs

Therapia Staffing has jobs all over the United States. These jobs are short-term, giving you the freedom to travel, while continuing to work for one company. No need to quit a job to move on or commit to a job longer than you want. You can decide where you want to go.

Health insurance and other benefits

Therapia offers health, vision and dental insurance, as well as malpractice and liability insurance. We’ll help you find housing in your new cities, and give you a travel allowance. We’ll also reimburse you for licensing and recertification and CEUs.

Saves you time and hassle

You could search for jobs, short- or long-term, on your own, and submit cover letters and resumes. But that takes a lot of time and energy that could be devoted to other things. By working for Therapia, you get to simply work and enjoy yourself, and when it’s time to find another placement, your Therapia recruiter does all the work for you. They’ll find the right position for you, and all you’ll have to do is pack up and head to your new home.

Whatever your career, Therapia can help you find the right position for you. It’s fun, exciting, and easy. Submit your resume or give us a call today to find out what we can do for you.