It’s no secret that the hiring process has evolved. Recent technological advancements have simplified the job hunting process. However, despite the evolution of the job hunting process, the resume is still the most important piece. Having a good resume allows people to make a good first impression on their potential employer, while setting themselves up to get hired. With that being said, here is a look at several tips that people can use to create an appealing resume that will help them stand out from their peers. 

Use Industry Keywords 

People should list all of their prior jobs in a detailed manner. They should list all of their previous titles, the roles that they played, and any new skills that they learned. They should tailor their resume towards how the industry is trending. 

Make Sure That The Resume Has No Errors 

People should make sure that their resume has a professional format that appeals to the reader. Make sure that the resume does not have any errors, as many executives believe that is a sign of laziness. Research has shown that employers will likely dismiss candidates that have multiple typos on their resume. 

Add A Second Page If Necessary 

Research has shown that executives spend around 10 seconds looking at a candidate’s resume before deciding if that person is a good candidate for the job. However, thanks to new technological advancements, people may have more than one page for their resume. List all of the key points on the first page. 

Use A Header 

Include a clear, direct statement at the top of the resume that explains why the company should make this hiring choice. People should include a story about why they are qualified for that position. Many employers enjoy reading a good story. 

Be Transparent 

It’s important to be honest concerning every part of the resume. Regardless of whether someone gets hired or not, eventually the truth will come out. In the event that someone is found to have been lying on their resume, that can make it difficult for them to get another job. 

Working For Therapia 

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