Landing a position in a highly-competitive industry can quickly feel too stressful and overwhelming, especially if you have been applying for jobs and submitting applications for months. When you are looking for work and want to stand out to potential employers, modernizing your resume is a must. Updating your resume using a few tips and tricks ensures you never miss out on a potential opportunity while standing out among the competition.

Visually-Engaging Templates

Using outdated traditional Microsoft Word documents may get your resume overlooked when you are applying for a position that is attracting a large number of applicants. Today, there are hundreds of modernized resume templates readily available as premium and free downloadable files. Review top resume themes and designs to determine the best look for your layout based on the industry you work in and the position you are vying for yourself.

Update the Copy of Your Resume

When applying for jobs, ensure the copy included in your resume is updated to work with today’s workforce and technology. Updating the language throughout your resume helps to improve your professional impression while also showcasing that you fully understand the industry or field you want to work in.

Implement Keywords Relevant to Desired Positions

Anytime you update your resume with new text and copy, be sure to research the top and most popular keywords involved in your field. Implementing specific keywords into your resume for each individual job you apply for helps increase the chances of your resume being scanned and selected for further review. Because so many companies use automatic filters when browsing for potential candidates, putting the right keywords to use is imperative, especially when you are applying for a position in a field or industry that is overwhelmed with applications.

Include Relevant Links

Have an official website or online portfolio? Include the link to your website to showcase professionalism while also providing potential employers with more information about your work, skills, and abilities in your field. Include your LinkedIn URL to also share your professional online presence with those who are interested in getting to know you more before making a hiring decision.

Taking the time to modernize your resume is essential when you are working in a competitive industry such as nursing or another medical field. The more modern and visually-appealing your resume is, the more likely your application is to stand out to hiring managers and potential future employers.