In these unprecedented times, it’s become increasingly difficult to find work in certain fields. When you get called in for an interview, your first instinct might be to immediately accept the job if it’s offered to you. But just because you’re looking for work doesn’t mean you should compromise your own health and safety. During your interview, here’s a few questions you should ask your potential employer to see how they’re handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. What kinds of social distancing measures have you put into practice?

Whether you’re working for a large company with hundreds of employees or a small family-owned business, it’s best to keep your distance. Ask your employer about the social distancing measures they’ve put in place since the start of the pandemic. If they’re requiring employees to work from home or enforcing six-foot rules, you may have found an employer that cares about your well-being. On the other hand, if they tell you that they haven’t made any changes to the way they conduct business, it might be wise to look elsewhere.

2. How can I help keep my customers and co-workers safe during this time?

When you ask this question, you’re not only showing that you’re willing to make sacrifices to protect your co-workers–you’re also gaining insight into how this company conducts itself in the wake of COVID-19. A good company will tell you that they have masks, hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes, and other products for employees to use, as well as glass shields, cubicle dividers, and other methods of keeping employees safe. If they tell you that it’s “up to you,” that’s an indicator that they don’t have a plan for COVID-19 in place, and you may be at a higher risk of contracting the virus.

3. What are this company’s plans for managing the virus in the weeks or months to come?

There are no guarantees in these unprecedented times, and many companies find themselves at a loss as to how to proceed. However, the best companies have a plan for the next days, weeks, and months so they can protect their employees and keep their business running as long as possible. When you ask this question, you’re showing your potential employer that you’re thinking ahead, and gaining insight as to whether this company is doing the same. If they have a plan, they’re clearly taking the pandemic seriously. And if not, you might want to search for another job or risk exposing yourself to the virus.