You’ve researched the company and gone over potential interview questions. You’re ready to make a great first impression. Have you thought, however, if this particular job is really the right one for you? It’s just as important for you to evaluate who you’ll work for as it is for the company to evaluate you. The following are several red flags you’ll need to watch for in a job interview.

The Company Culture is Not What You Thought

Some organizations spend a lot of time and resources cultivating a public image. If you notice, however, that the culture is very different than what they’re promoting this is definitely a red flag.

Weak Leadership

Strong leadership is important to nearly every type of business or work environment. If those in charge don’t appear to have strong leadership, or there are bad reviews regarding leadership on sites such as Glassdoor, this may not be a good place to work.

The Interviewer is Unsure How to Answer Your Questions

If the person conducting the interview is fuzzy about what exactly the job entails or isn’t sure what the pay scale is, this is something you’ll need to pay close attention to.

A Drawn Out Interview

Sometimes extra people are brought into a panel interview because a consensus needs to be reached. An interviewer may be just asking the same questions over and over because they weren’t prepared for the interview. Either way, an unprofessional interview is a red flag.

An Unclear Job Description

This is similar to not clearly answering your questions. This could also be a sign of a potential bait and switch. The job they advertised might not be the actual job you’ll be doing once hired.

Foggy Future

Where the company is heading in the future is one area you’ll want to ask about. If the person interviewing you doesn’t have a clear answer this is obviously not a good sign.

It’s just as important for the person conducting the interview to be well prepared as it is for the person being interviewed. If you see these red flags during a job interview it may be a sign that accepting a job may not be the best career move.