If you are a travel nurse, you are part of an elite group of healthcare professionals. As of 2016, there were 2,955,200 registered nurses. However, travel nurses only account for a small fraction. So how do you know if you chose the right career path?

Brief History of Travel Nurse Industry

Pan Travelers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of travel nurses. Pan Travelers says that the industry started in the 1970s when the nation was experiencing a nursing shortage when nurses from New York, Wisconsin and Illinois would temporarily relocate to Florida because during the winter, patients experienced the flu. Qualified nurses were expected to provide excellent care,  but contracts and housing were not offered.

Hot Career in Healthcare

Travelnursing.org said, “Travel nurse salary is sometimes more than that of full-time, permanent staff.” The annual income ranges from $51,000 – $67,000 and goes up depending on career path and location. Medical benefits, paid housing, and matching retirement funds are considered standard options of a competitive compensation package. Tuition assistance and professional development is also available. All of this gives nurses flexible options concerning where and when they want to work.

What is Career Success?

Career success is a multi-prong system with interconnected parts. It goes way beyond the paycheck; it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Basically, it is an introspective approach that answers the question “Does my career make me happy?” Most people want job stability by desiring the conventional setup such as 40 hours, same employer, same position. They might not understand your wanderlust for a position that only lasts 13 – 26 weeks in all parts of the country.

An Introspective Approach

Redefining career success requires soul searching. The goal is clarification of purpose. Be honest and ask yourself some tough questions.

  1. Why did I chose this career path?
  2. Was there a person, event or thing that influenced my decision? Was the impact good or bad?
  3. Do the job requirements match my temperament, skills, and talents?
  4. Does it fit my lifestyle as well as my family’s needs?
  5. Can I see myself doing this in the next five or 10 years?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts close to a 20% job growth for this niche by 2022. If you are a travel nurse who knows what they wants and most importantly, why they want it, this industry could provide you with unlimited career satisfaction. Get started by contacting Therapia Staffing today to begin your journey.