Travel assignments can be fun and exciting, but you should also take your safety seriously when you’re on the road. Follow these tips to make sure your next travel assignment goes off without a hitch.

Have a Travel Plan

Know where you’re going and how long it should take you to get there. Plan out each of your stops, including rest stops and quick breaks. You should try to stop in large towns or well-lit truck stops. Don’t pull over randomly unless you really need to.

Give your travel itinerary to a friend or family member. Plan to contact someone when you successfully make it to each destination.

Get Familiar with the Area

Once you’ve made it to the job location, drive around and scout the area. Unfamiliar roads are a lot safer in the daylight. Find gas stations and grocery stores that you might want to visit. Practice driving the safest route between your hotel and the client’s home.

Although it might be tempting to ask locals for help, this can also flag you as a tourist. Look online for guides to the area and speak to law enforcement professionals if you run into a problem.

Choose the Right Hotel Room

The location of your hotel room can play a huge role in your safety. Call ahead to see if you can book a room that meets your needs.

Try to stay in a second-floor room. Rooms on the ground floor are susceptible to theft. You also want a door that is only accessible from inside the hotel. Choose a trustworthy hotel that provides security to its occupants. If you travel frequently, consider staying with the same hotel chain. You might even be able to get a few member perks for doing so.

If possible, park your car somewhere visible from your hotel room. This will let you keep an eye on it during your stay.

Stay in Touch

Don’t go silent during your trip, especially if you’re traveling alone. Call and text friends and family members. Reach out to your agency to let them know you’ve successfully arrived, and contact them again when it’s time for you to depart.

Since you’ll be far away from your usual mechanic, invest in a roadside assistance service. Companies like AAA will help if you break down or lock yourself out of your car; you can also call them for a bit of emergency advice in a strange location.

Therapia cares about your safety while you’re on the road. Contact us if you’re interested in a career as a travel nurse. You can also reach out to us with questions or concerns at any time during your trip.

Photo by from Pexels