Soft -Skills Needed to be a Telehealth Employee - Therapia Staffing

Having a wide range of soft skills is crucial for nurses and therapy professionals of today. You need additional skills as a telehealth employee to communicate well with patients, their family members and other medical providers.

Verbal Communication

When you’re a telehealth employee, you will become the listener, the speaker and both. The most important skill to develop is the ability to communicate verbally and effectively with all types of patients and professionals online. You will do a lot of talking if you’re checking up with a patient, reading a presentation to other employees or meeting with a supervisor. Knowing how to use videoconferencing software is important, but your job relies heavily on your ability to speak clearly and present your message to the audience effectively.

Written Communication

Telehealth employees compose a great deal of emails, text messages and digital documents that are sent directly to their patients and supervisors. As a professional, you need to have basic copywriting skills and understand Web etiquette in order to write appropriate messages.

Your writing must be concise, detailed and straight to the point. You must create a friendly yet professional tone. This is particularly open for nurses and therapy professionals. You must show care and empathy for your patients and remind them you are always open for communication.

Listening Skills

The average telehealth employee has to sit through countless videoconferencing meetings. Every meeting may seem the same as the last one, so it’s crucial that you become a good listener.

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is your ability to communicate your writing on various digital platforms. In addition to basic writing skills, you need copywriting skills to write for an online audience. You need basic to advanced levels of technical expertise in installing, downloading and opening digital software tools.

Time Management

As a telehealth employee, you will spend a lot of time looking for information online. It’s easy to be distracted by visiting other webpages that have nothing to do with your research. Additionally, you are working based on patients’ schedules. You must communicate with them in a timely manner. Telehealth sessions are supposed to be convenient for everyone, so plan your schedule well to save time for the patients and for yourself.

There are certain soft skills that are needed to survive your job as a telehealth professional. Some skills are more important than others when you’re working in virtual settings. Verbal communication skills are the most important skills to have along with exceptional digital communication and time management skills. Have the right blend of soft skills to succeed in this new field.