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Making A Difference

I have had many careers but speech therapy is the only one I haven’t quit! The challenges are opportunities to improve quality of life and to bring sunshine to a dreary environment.
I met great resistance to some teachers who stated my nonverbal friends would never sign or do anything. I smiled at them and proceeded with the instruction for the student and teacher.
The joy I got from hearing that same teacher squeal that our “friend” signed is worth more than a gold bar from Ft. Knox!
Twenty four years and I am still amazed when my “friends” begin communicating. “Did I do that?” in my Steve Erkel voice. It’s my challenge to stop the tears, peak an interest, impart knowledge, teach that education is fun and communication is power! It’s my challenge to change the “I dont want to go to speech!” to “when can I go to speech?”
Yes! I thank God, He made me speechy! I ♡ speech! Sabrenia West MACCCSLP

April 5, 2019
Contract Employee

Living Music Heals all Wounds

living music heals all wounds

Having worked for a major record company doing national promotion along with my husband, I found myself wanting for meaning after we were in an accident and my husband was killed. After 3 years of recovery (I was physically, emotionally & spiritually severely injured) I heard about music Therapy. Being intrigued I procured a degree in music and became a Certified Music Therapist. After 5 years of work in psychiatric hospitals, the state of California began cutting back funds for the mentally impaired and I found myself out of work. I then got a masters degree in education and became a Certified Special Education teacher and taught special day classes in general education middle schools. I used my knowledge of music therapy to work on academic, social skills and functional goals and my students flourished. Now retired from teaching I’m back into working as an independent music therapist seeking work throughout the city of Los Angeles. Finding it difficult to earn enough money to support myself, I reach out for assistance from Therapia Staffing. My years of therapeutic, educational and music experience afford me a wide variety of skills to help others. The most important skill I have is my sincere desire to help others. And Music is the key.

Renee Dundas
February 24, 2019
Other Affliation

Shannon T. is a life-changer! This company cannot be beat!

Shannon T. is outstanding in every way! First of all, SHE found me and emailed me about an ASL interpreter job near me. She was always there for me, worked tirelessly to get the salary I needed, then did the same thing again a year later when I requested a raise! She is the best employee I have ever worked with ANYWHERE. I never had any qualms with her. She will be like your new best friend! The credentialing process with the entire Therapia team was very smooth. The company is very professional and respond efficiently.

James Willoughby
February 5, 2019
Contract Employee

My calling

I like to believe that my journey was filled with divine interventions that helped me find my calling. In 2003, I was a new graduate from my undergrad college with an English degree, just trying to figure out my place in life. My aunt was a nurse, and I’d talk to her a lot about what it is that I was supposed to do in life. One day we were talking and she said, “what about being a Speech Language Pathologist”. I didn’t know what that was, but then I remembered that my brother had been seeing one for his difficulties. I did a little research and got the ball rolling. After visiting my potential school to begin this new career, I taught for a year (2004-2005) to see if that’s where I wanted to be. In the midst of that, I received a letter of admittance to do a year of undergraduate core classes to prepare me for graduate school. Oh how excited I was. I asked them if they would hold my space until I finished my school job, and they said yes! I finished my year of teaching in the Spring of 2005, and in the fall of 2005, off to school I went. I finished up all of my core classes in the spring of 2006, and at the same time, waited for acceptance to graduate school. That same semester, I finally got my acceptance and began my graduate school in the fall of 2006. I finished graduate school Fall of 2008, and I have loved being an SLP for the last 10 years. To me, the way things progressed showed me that being an SLP was my calling! I have met and seen so many people and children that have touched me, and that I feel I have made a difference for, even if it was being that child’s or that stressed out teacher’s listening ear. I would encourage anyone who has a heart for helping people to go into Speech Pathology. It can be challenging, but the rewards of this field are all worth it.

Michelle Anderson
January 24, 2019

Home Care across the Nation

Traveling RN, have worked for Therapia Staffing for over a year.

Pamela Haverly
January 13, 2019
Contract Employee

My journey

I was a cna for years. I worked side by side with LPNs and RNs. I watched what they did so much I knew before they did their task what they were going to do. I decided it was time for me to go back to school. I went to MCC for RN. I put everything I had into it and I finally graduated dec 2012. I have worked in medical, cardiac, high observation unit (form of ICU) and clinic since I became an RN.

Bills Godwin
January 12, 2019

First time travel nurse

first time travel nurse

I love Therapia staffing! This is my first job as a traveling nurse and it’s been a great experience so far. My recruiter is amazing and so is the other staff. Can’t wait for my next assignment.

Elvia Marie Waters
January 11, 2019
Contract Employee


I have been an employee with Therapia Staffing for 2 years and it has been amazing! The staff is very supportive and has continuous communication with employees. My recruiter is great, she efficiently answers all of my questions and concerns. I highly recommend working for Therapia they are a great company.

Patricia Gamboa
January 8, 2019

Relocated Sign Language Interpreter

sign language interpreter

So far my experience with Therapia Staffing has been great. Very accommodating and friendly staff. I relocated from Michigan to South Carolina and to quote “America’s favorite fast food chain “I’m lovin it”!

Denequa Horhn
January 8, 2019
Contract Employee

LPTA New Grad

New grad with clinical experience in outpatient and SNF. Within the first two weeks I independently handled a full case load in each setting.

Randall Ferguson
September 8, 2018

Prospective Employee

I have been a Registered Nurse since 1981! I have been employed consistently in various areas of Nursing. I truly enjoy Home Health above all fields. Patrice Farley RN BSN CDE

Patrice Farley
May 7, 2018

My Experience


My first experience of working with Therapia Staffing, I’m sure will be very interesting in the following months to come.

Vickey Monroe
March 2, 2018

Special Education Teacher


Jolyn is a professional and efficient recruiter. She has gone above and beyond to find the best placement suited for my profession and personality. Jolyn took the time necessary to become acquainted with me on a personal and professional level. We have built an awesome professional relationship, and I look forward to our continued success together with the Therapia family.

K. Lorts
January 15, 2018
Contract Employee

Therapia is my favorite staffing agency!

Therapia is my favorite staffing agency to work with. We receive significantly more and better quality resumes from Therapia than anywhere else!

Holli Frazell
Director, Organizational Leadership & Development

Holli Frazell
January 3, 2018

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