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Tiffany has always been a delight. She’s informative, keeps open communication, follows up very well and respond back in a timely manner. She’s a great resource and asset to Therapia in my humble opinion. Tiffany R. and Therapia will do everything they need to do to meet what you are looking for in employment. So much appreciated!

Inger Roberson
May 7, 2021

Little did I know about therapia staffing

With utmost sincerity, therapia staffing is organization that aim at achieving something great. But there is more to it , due to the way the employer takes everyone along, whether big or small. It makes every employee to fill at home without fear.. Which makes people to work well as a team.. I love therapia staffing, because, where there is love there is peace of mind.. What more more can one ask for than working in an organization where there is love, from everyone..

Sheneni Godwin
February 16, 2021
Other Affliation

I can’t imagine…

As a child I watched my mother put her white dress, while hose, white nursemate shoes, her blue sweater & that amazing white cap.

I only wanted to be like my mother, I wanted to know if she was a true super hero; and to me she was.

In 2008 my mother was dying from lung cancer. And as her soul let that shell her last words were. You are my hero.

I noticed that as she took her last breath I promised never to let anyone die alone as long as I could.

I have seen so many things in 17 years but I regret nothing; the Covid 19 crisis I spent 26 weeks at JFK…so many died in a typical shift, my mind couldn’t take it. But each patient that I lost did not die alone.

I can’t imagine doing anything else but be a nurse.

Seandrea M Lewis-Foulks
January 12, 2021

My Recruiter

When signing up for this contract back in December , my recruiter Tiffany really help me get through the process.I was so nervous and had a lot anxiety..Tiffany was my human cocktail lol , made everything go so smooth. I felt a bit of relief. She checked on me every day, talked to me as if I was her new best friend. I said to myself all this calling os going to stop once I get on my contract .That’s how it usually how it works. I can truly say so far this has been a great experience with her on this assignment. Tiffany calls me once or twice a week to make sure everything is going good and that I am ok.Moral of the story, not all recruiters are bad .Mine is the

Crystal Ervin
January 21, 2021
Contract Employee

CNA who is compassionate and caring

I’ve been a CNA since 2016 with some breaks between then and now. But last year I resumed CNA work. I’ve worked at long-term care, AlF, Prisons, Testing sites, and Hospitals. I enjoy seeing patients make progress when they struggled before. I recently worked with a guy whom was recovering from covid who was bedridden when I first met him and he left to go to rehab and he told me thank you so much I couldn’t have did this without you, I appreciate you. Things like that make my day.

January 19, 2021
Contract Employee

A New Beginning

My journey with Therapia Staffing began in the summer of 2020. I had been contemplating telepractice for a while, but never pursued it fully until having our second child in June. This was one of the most terrifying, anxious, and stressful time. Between navigating a worldwide pandemic, post-partum recovery, my husband losing his job, my daughter have been exposed to COVID-19 at her daycare, and the loss of my mom , I was done with working in a high stress position and wanted a change. Telepractice was my next step, and I was determined to find a way out and begin a new chapter in my career.
I applied to every big company I could think of that might give me a chance. All I heard was silence. I began feeling discouraged. When out of no where an unexpected call changed my world. On the other line was a chipper and friendly voice, little did I know this recruiter would be my advocate on this journey. Nicole H. was more than happy to work for me and my request to be solely a telepractice clinician. After we spoke that day I did not believe it was possible, but after some time Nicole gave me the best news. I would get my first assignment in November 2020. I was beyond floored and excited.
Therapia staffing and Nicole gave me my change that I prayed and I could not be more happy with my current position in Oregon and look forward to continuing my partnership with them.

Sally Salome
January 15, 2021
Contract Employee

“You either get it or you don’t “

I never heard of Occupational Therapy until I got a job at a hospital in Anaheim, California back in 1987. I applied for a position in housekeeping, as that is all I knew at the time. I was looking for a steady income and Health insurance benefits. I was placed on the Acute Rehabilitation Unit and it changed my life. I was watching medical miracles happen, while I was scrubbing toilets. I was amazed at how the patient’s would get better with therapy intervention. I got the opportunity to do part time rehab aide and housekeeper and that is how I was able to get involved in patient care. Now, to me the PT was all about counting reps and walking the pt’s and OT was all about helping the pt regain function for everything! I was lucky enough for a OTR to see my enthusiasm and take me under her wing and show me the way of Occupational Therapy. I soon gave up housekeeping and became Full time in Rehab. I was able to participate in OT treatment and really fell in love with the OT process and focus on Function. The OTR said that “You get it”, “You get OT”. And I did get it! I found my place and realized that I didn’t have to scrub toilets for the rest of my life. My life and my focus was changed. Now, I had to go back to school. …
Winona McCall

Winona McCall
December 30, 2020

Compassionate Recruiter

Robert has made my journey an enjoyable one. He makes me feel like we are family and at times he makes me act, but everything is all out of love. I appreciate the fact that he is understanding and he goes that extra mile to make sure everything is set in place for your travel.

Denosa Addison
December 29, 2020
Contract Employee

Highway CNA

I’m a traveling CNA, I love the highway, I love meeting new people and I love what I do.

Kimberly Hunter
December 22, 2020

Therapia Has Made Becoming A Travel l Nurse Easy!

Caitlin has made the transition into travel nursing an enjoyable experience for me. I’m leaving for my 1st assignment today, and she has been very understanding of my needs and questions from my uncertainty. We’ve only worked for a few weeks together, but I feel it is going to be a very good work relationship and I’m excited for the future with the company and her as my recruiter!”

Thanks again!

Autumn Estes
December 17, 2020
Contract Employee

The best help

Caitlin is my recruiter, and this is my first assignments with you and only my 2nd assignment total, I’m not very good about how thing worked, but thanks to Caitlin she keep everything under control and me calm. Then I had Johnna came in and helped finished everything up. They are the best. I send them all my blessings for the blessings they gave me 😊

September 29, 2020
Contract Employee

My Experience

My experience with Therapia Staffing has been amazing . My recruiter Nicole is always available to answer my questions and make sure I understand the hiring process. She was able to find me a job working in an area close to my home which was my main concern. I’ll start my contract on 10/5 and as of today everyone that I’ve talked to with Therapia Staffing have been amazing. Thank you Nicole H., Vicky D. & Rachel.

Corisha McIntyre
September 28, 2020
Contract Employee

I was contacted on a

I was contacted on a Tuesday by a recruiter from Therapia Staffing. My recruiter was very pleasant and asked me specifically what positions I was looking for and what I wanted out of this company. I informed her that I was ready to work and wanted to be with a company/ agency that offer a few things, 1: safe environment for myself as the nurse , 2: competitive pay, 3: flexible hours and overtime.
I was offered all three things & was asked when I could start. I informed my recruiter I could start the very next day & I did. I enjoy this company and their diligence.

Cearra jones
September 25, 2020
Contract Employee

What I like about Therapia Staffing

There are lots of recruiters out here looking for staffing positions . Therapia has a good staff thoughtful to its potential candidates and listens to potential candidates .

Candidates these days ate very concerned about the risk of working in health care and education settings . Thanks for advocating on our behalf . All healthcare professions are concern about having proper safety in both settings . We need PPE. at all levels of care.

Kenneth Davis
September 15, 2020

Last minute Call

Hi! I am writing in reference to the “Last minute Call” I was referred by another contract employee to call Robert my current recruiter. I was scared and nervous because of the assignments that could be offered. Robert eventually reached out to me and after going over several options that I turned down. I felt there was no hope. The following day I got a text that surprisingly fit what I was looking for, but this call came on a Friday and I needed to start on a Saturday. I took the last minute call and realized since I’ve been on it that Robert has and continue to have my best interest at heart and not his commission. Thanks Robert for all you do!!!

August 27, 2020
Contract Employee

A road less traveled

I am applying to work as a contract nurse. My career has shown me me human experience that I never dreamed could be a life changing event. I have seen newborn babies ill patients of all ages. I have cared for many in their final moments of life. My heart and life is filled with live and memories from each step of my career. Being a nurse I’d the most challenging and rewarding career. I love what I do even in the most stressful moments.

Marla R King
August 14, 2020

It’s never too late to follow your dreams!!!

I did my Bachelors of science (H) physical therapy degree in 2004 and then my Masters in physical therapy in 2006 and after working for about 2-3 years , I got married and soon after came to USA in 2009. However, as social media wasn’t much trending at that time I wasn’t sure how to pursue physical therapy in USA. I was here for about 4 years and during this time I even had my daughter. Then we went back to India and I had almost quit my field and had joined a multinational company as an Life underwriter. Then in 2015, we again got a chance to come to USA. I spent one year to help settle my daughter in school and then I decided to start preparing for NPTE. I even had to attend community college to complete some of my educational credits. I was studying almost 9 years after I did my Masters. By God’s grace , I cleared NPTE in my first attempt which boosted my confidence. I completed my supervised clinical hours and was hired by the same company. So, after almost 5-6 years of gap , I was back in my field and I am loving every moment of it!!!! There’s no substitute for hard work . I saw a dream and worked really hard for it and here I am … Licemsed PT in the USA!!!

Reema Tarun Channa
June 1, 2020

Volunteering to help the company

Good afternoon! Last week, which happened to be my first week was my first working interval with my contracted kiddo. I noticed and my kiddos changing behavior since our first says together to out last day on Friday: my kiddo and I were first introduced last Monday. On Monday he was confused as to why I was required to follow him everywhere and kids were asking him if I was his mom and he was getting somewhat bullied about it and so he was not as receptive of my assistance initially. But with each day that progressed within the week he became more open to my presents and to my assistance. I have told him to think of me as a friend who is here to help him to understand various curriculums and that this is not a punishment from the school like he thought he was getting. Each day we grew closer and closer, resulting in his trust in me increasing. By the end of the week he realized that I am here to provide him assistance in his classes and that I should be view more like a friend than as a punishment.
Therapia assigned me a very sweet young man who I feel so blessed to be working and proving assistance to here in Arizona.

My kiddo is obsessed with the country of Russia and since I lived there temporarily he’s been asking me daily how to say certain words in Russian and so before he left for his spring break I came up with a type of positive reinforcement for good behavior by having him create a list of words of his own but he would like to learn, in addition to education related words, all of which were school appropriate words and age appropriate words that he would like to learn. I will make flashcards of the different words with pictures and as a reward for good behavior I will give him one of the flash cards I made. He LOVED this idea and his mom did too. He is really excited!! Since the mention of this idea to my kiddo I have observed that his behaviors have changed in a positive way. He opens doors for this classmates/school employees, volunteering to pick up the trash in the cafeteria after the conclusion of lunch, he is less disruptive during his last classes (when from I observed he would have behaviors similar to his peers sitting at his table, mirroring their actions) and now seems to like having me around. All of the employees in the school, especially his different teachers, the receptionists, the nurses, the librarian, the principal & vice principal and the school counselors have all pulled me aside at least once to thank me for helping my kiddo; all have half jokingly said “I hope you will back tomorrow” to which I always say “of course I will!”

In this short period of time he and I have grown a bond and he shows nothing but kindness and respect towards myself, the schooling staff/his teachers. He has also demonstrated the school’s quiet signal in the hallways while him and his peers have been walking two different classes and to and from the cafeteria.

Now he understands that me being there is not a punishment from the school but to help him excel in this courses. His mom has reached out to me server times thanking me. I have also been writing notes in his agenda for his parents, and the notes consist of all of the positive behaviors he demonstrated that particular day. He is a very sweet and bright adolescent and I’m very happy that I was paired with him.

Feryn Spotleson
March 19, 2020
Contract Employee

Simply——The Best

I want to share with the world some positivity during this time of shut downs , uncertainties, and the unknown future. When you find yourself looking for employment and not just a job—- possibly going to an unfamiliar territory without support to grow in your career and out of your comfort zone—truthfully it can be scary. When I was faced with this challenge about 3 years ago I was blessed to find Therapia Staffing and a skilled member ( Shannon Taylor) to guide me in a positive direction. There has never —I mean NEVER been a time when I had to question if I was safe, if my pay would be accurate and on time, if I was being told the challenges and rewards of a contract. This company and the incredible team / staff members have been right alongside my journey.
Even now faced with major challenges with site closures they have not missed a beat! I have worked in the medical field all my life (and that’s many many years) and I have never felt such support, trust, and belonging with any other company. Jennifer and Shannon were there for me in the beginning and now as the company grows—-it’s easy to feel the emphasis they put into bringing on new staff members that are intelligent and caring.
This company Says what they mean with Actions that follow.
Amazing —- pure—- heartfelt—— simply amazing

Lisa Grizzle
April 12, 2020
Contract Employee

Journey in Moscow, Russia

During this past summer I spent time teaching English to Russian students in a charter school setting but they would attend after their state schools. Going there I had no prior knowledge of the Russian language and so it was very hard to navigate around the country; I found that the demeanor of Russian citizens would change the second thing found out that you didn’t speak Russian by breaking out your Google translator. It was an interesting and wild experience not being able to read any of the signs or understand the majority of the communication that was going on around me but it was a great experience and it changed me as an individual and so for that I would never change it for the world.

Feryn Spotleson
February 4, 2020

Back in the game

I was out of teaching for a couple years, and I was doing the Uber/Lyft gig. I enjoyed this because I drove at night, and I am a night owl. However, if I wasn’t driving I was sleeping, and had no time to myself. I decided to get back into education to help the kids and free up some of my time. I contacted Therapia and they set me up with an interview with MUSD. I was hired. The only problem was the school was so far away. So, I leave Surprise on Sunday and stay in Maricopa every week. It’s like a new adventure every week. I love this school, my coworkers, and my students!

November 24, 2019
Contract Employee

Physical therapy is amazing.

Physical therapy is amazing. There is nothing like helping people get back to a good level of function.

Kino Anderson
November 3, 2019

COTA: 13 years Experience

I’m an Army veteran with 13 years experience as a COTA. I have worked with the geriatric population in home health and skilled nursing facility. I’m highly motivated and eager to join your therapy team to help your patients achieve high levels of independence with all ADLs.

Mario Lerma
October 26, 2019

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Last year, I applied to a PTA program at South University Novi and was expecting the program to start in the upcoming fall. I received my acceptance letter and to my surprise, the program’s anticipated start was summer 2018. I was training full-time with my own business and suddenly had to drop the majority of my clients due to my intense school schedule. Not only was I training full-time, I was also preparing for my first body building show in August. As if that was enough pressure, my cohort & I received news that the campus was closing due to financial discrepancies and we were unsure if we were able to complete the program.
School was always my number one priority so every chance I got, I was studying which included studying while I was doing my required cardio to prepare for my show. Fast forward to August, the show went well, 4.0 GPA and my goals were still intact. In January, an unexpected incident occurred which involved me fracturing two toes on my right foot. My professor was the first person I contacted even before my mom because attendance was so important with my PTA program. I needed reliable transportation to and from school due to my right foot being injured. In addition to transportation, sitting in class for 8 hour days, along with participating in lab was not the easiest due to pain and utilizing an assistive device. I had to deal with midterms and the practicals which involved treating a patient while I was in a cast. The struggle was real. My first round of outpatient clinicals, I was in a boot the first two weeks and felt very incapable. Thank God I didn’t have to go through that full rotation with a walking boot nor finals or another practical while being injured.
The light at the end of the tunnel, the campus closed but my cohort was the last to finish out the PTA program in full (adjustments were made so we had a location to have class). We had a wonderful graduation ceremony, I passed my board exam and now I’m here; looking to travel and fulfill my PTA duties.

Nicole Pitts
October 21, 2019

New Chapter

Starting a new chapter in mine and my family’s lives. After not being able to work full time for a bit, while having the pleasure of caring for my elderly mother, whom has recently passed, I am now trying to move forward and adjust to the new normal, part of that being working full time and making up for lost time!

Flo Munoz
October 16, 2019

Physical Therapy and Follow Through Works Wonders!

I had an Outpatient who was suffering from long term back pain. I’ll call her Margaret. The pain pills had stopped working, and Margaret wanted to try Physical Therapy as a last resort, since nothing else was working. And the side effects of the pain meds were distressing and uncomfortable.

The first thing I noticed after her antalgic gait was the way she sat: hard! Of Course, she said she had done so for years.

We began working on core and lower extremity strength, as well as body mechanics. Over time, Margaret’s strength and body mechanics improved, as she followed through with her exercise program, especially working on eccentric contractions at the hip, and improving her breathing techniques.

Within weeks, Margaret notices the pain was less, and she was only using pain meds occasionally, mostly to sleep. A few weeks later, Margaret announced she had no pain in her back for the first time in years, and was not using any pain meds. What a relief!

This was one of the most rewarding cases of my career.

douglas crews, pta
October 7, 2019

Keep on truckin’

Originally from Maryland. Graduated from PT school in 1999. Had to relocate to Florida just to begin my first job due to cutbacks and layoffs when Medicare began placing caps on therapy. Moved back up to Maryland when market improved and worked for awhile but got the bug to start traveling! I made my way out west with my cat and whatever would fit in my VW Jetta. Lived in Texarkana, worked in Texas. Traveled to Laughlin, NV but worked in Bullhead City, AZ. Traveled up to Las Vegas, NV then married and moved back to Maryland again! In 2015 my sister decided she wanted to relocate to Arizona so I got on the horn to the travel company I previously travel with, Reflectx staffing (Maxim Medical) and they got me a job pronto in Scottsdale, AZ home health! Lived there for a spell then traveled across the valley to west Phoenix until I took a permanent position with ATI. Then I decided Arizona was way too hot and dry for me so I transferred with ATI to Charleston, SC and am here since 11/2018. Well now I was laid off by ATI due to downsizing…. my position as a floater was eliminated… So now I’m in a position to do whatever I want…travel again?! We will see!!
Oh and I didn’t mention that before coming to Charleston while still in Arizona and with ATI, I became a below the knee amputee… wow what a story…BUT I was only out on STD for 3 1/2 months! Then back full time and completely highly functional 😀!! I rock heels and constantly workout! Waiting on a running foot, then literally off to the races!🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

Cristina Madarang
September 22, 2019

OTA seeking new and exciting opportunities

I am new on the Therapia block but that didn’t stop the staff from treating me with respect and encouragement along my new path! Yay

Maria Kidwell
September 21, 2019

New Opportunity I’m Excited About

I am a new candidate with Therapia Staffing. Andrew is my coordinator & he is super nice and I’m excited about the new opportunity and experience.

Raeshaun Cunningham
August 6, 2019

My Purpose

I knew nothing about speech pathology going to college. I met my first SLP while she was working with my grandfather after he had a stroke. He had moderate aphasia. After several weeks of therapy, he could communicate with us again! I returned to school inspired and chose my major in Communication Disorders. Six years later I was blessed with my first child and she was diagnosed with Autism. Four years after her birth I had another child with Autism. Who knew that God would bless me with two extraordinary children that I would have to guide through life with special needs. Initially, I knew becoming an SLP was my calling because I wanted to work with people of all ages and help in a way that could be life changing. I still feel that’s part of my purpose. But in addition to that I was blessed with a sense of patience on how to handle what comes with being a mother of children with a diagnosis of Autism. My education and personal experience has truly made me love my purpose and be the therapist I know to be.

LaChandra McFarland
March 15, 2018
Contract Employee

The BEST job ever

Being a Psychotherapist is such a humbling, amazing experience. Being present to listen to people who put their trust in me to open up about their darkest feelings and secrets …to navigate the journey together, of self-insights and realizing they DO have the strength to make tough life decisions- that’s what therapy is all about!
It was easy to be non-judgmental so as to earn their trust; to as i self-disclosed, we ALL have issues, including myself “Do you have 5 hrs I’d ask/reply?” when the frequent statement was made by clients-“Probably in your life everything is normal” “ Not at ALL!”
I discovered in 34 yrs of Private Practice that it was rare for people to have received validation from parents or virtually anyone- so tragic. Now, they needed to self- validate and “put together the puzzle pieces” of a renewed stronger sense of self and begin to live the life they want. No “advice” from myself, merely a facilitator to reflect back to them in the most gentle and accepting way possible.

Working with 1600+ adults and couples, in most cases, the therapeutic relationship seemed to work. Many people returned to therapy when they hit another life crises. People never ceased to amaze me at their resilience, strength, openness..I would’ve loved to have know about Therapia Staffing- and have since referred many colleagues (since I just retired- in my 60’s) Keep succeeding- an awesome venture!

Joni Bosse
May 28, 2019
Other Affliation

The struggle became real but I still defeated those years

I had enrolled in school online. People state that online is easy and I know that is a myth. But I have 2 years to fight to receive my Medical Administrative Assistant degree. I went through some things, I lost my internet several but I know God was on my side, I was working two jobs, I have 4 kids but my oldest is 22, so didn’t really have to worry about him too much. The other 3 were pretty busy all the times. My 15 does football, my 12 plays basketball, my baby girl dances. Well what’s a mother to do but attend everything. plus hold 2 jobs and school as well. When going through all of that I failed 2 classes but I had to do 2 re-take which slowed the process from finishing school on time But I still ended finishing with my Associates degree in Medical Administrative Assistant.

Sharvenes King
May 25, 2019

Farm living is the life for me

New Mexico is the place to be
Farm living is the place for me
Desert spreading out so far and wide
Keep Dallas, just give me that countryside

North Texas is where I ‘d rather stay
I get allergic smelling cows and hay
I just adore a downtown skyline view
Darling I love you but give me some retail therapy

The hemp, the stores, fresh air, more stuff

You are my life, goodbye traffic life
New Mexico we are there

From Kayden my Lab mariner and pKauffmann

Patricia Kauffmann
May 1, 2019
Contract Employee

Making A Difference

I have had many careers but speech therapy is the only one I haven’t quit! The challenges are opportunities to improve quality of life and to bring sunshine to a dreary environment.
I met great resistance to some teachers who stated my nonverbal friends would never sign or do anything. I smiled at them and proceeded with the instruction for the student and teacher.
The joy I got from hearing that same teacher squeal that our “friend” signed is worth more than a gold bar from Ft. Knox!
Twenty four years and I am still amazed when my “friends” begin communicating. “Did I do that?” in my Steve Erkel voice. It’s my challenge to stop the tears, peak an interest, impart knowledge, teach that education is fun and communication is power! It’s my challenge to change the “I dont want to go to speech!” to “when can I go to speech?”
Yes! I thank God, He made me speechy! I ♡ speech! Sabrenia West MACCCSLP

April 5, 2019
Contract Employee

Living Music Heals all Wounds

living music heals all wounds

Having worked for a major record company doing national promotion along with my husband, I found myself wanting for meaning after we were in an accident and my husband was killed. After 3 years of recovery (I was physically, emotionally & spiritually severely injured) I heard about music Therapy. Being intrigued I procured a degree in music and became a Certified Music Therapist. After 5 years of work in psychiatric hospitals, the state of California began cutting back funds for the mentally impaired and I found myself out of work. I then got a masters degree in education and became a Certified Special Education teacher and taught special day classes in general education middle schools. I used my knowledge of music therapy to work on academic, social skills and functional goals and my students flourished. Now retired from teaching I’m back into working as an independent music therapist seeking work throughout the city of Los Angeles. Finding it difficult to earn enough money to support myself, I reach out for assistance from Therapia Staffing. My years of therapeutic, educational and music experience afford me a wide variety of skills to help others. The most important skill I have is my sincere desire to help others. And Music is the key.

Renee Dundas
February 24, 2019
Other Affliation

Shannon T. is a life-changer! This company cannot be beat!

Shannon T. is outstanding in every way! First of all, SHE found me and emailed me about an ASL interpreter job near me. She was always there for me, worked tirelessly to get the salary I needed, then did the same thing again a year later when I requested a raise! She is the best employee I have ever worked with ANYWHERE. I never had any qualms with her. She will be like your new best friend! The credentialing process with the entire Therapia team was very smooth. The company is very professional and respond efficiently.

James Willoughby
February 5, 2019
Contract Employee

My calling

I like to believe that my journey was filled with divine interventions that helped me find my calling. In 2003, I was a new graduate from my undergrad college with an English degree, just trying to figure out my place in life. My aunt was a nurse, and I’d talk to her a lot about what it is that I was supposed to do in life. One day we were talking and she said, “what about being a Speech Language Pathologist”. I didn’t know what that was, but then I remembered that my brother had been seeing one for his difficulties. I did a little research and got the ball rolling. After visiting my potential school to begin this new career, I taught for a year (2004-2005) to see if that’s where I wanted to be. In the midst of that, I received a letter of admittance to do a year of undergraduate core classes to prepare me for graduate school. Oh how excited I was. I asked them if they would hold my space until I finished my school job, and they said yes! I finished my year of teaching in the Spring of 2005, and in the fall of 2005, off to school I went. I finished up all of my core classes in the spring of 2006, and at the same time, waited for acceptance to graduate school. That same semester, I finally got my acceptance and began my graduate school in the fall of 2006. I finished graduate school Fall of 2008, and I have loved being an SLP for the last 10 years. To me, the way things progressed showed me that being an SLP was my calling! I have met and seen so many people and children that have touched me, and that I feel I have made a difference for, even if it was being that child’s or that stressed out teacher’s listening ear. I would encourage anyone who has a heart for helping people to go into Speech Pathology. It can be challenging, but the rewards of this field are all worth it.

Michelle Anderson
January 24, 2019

Home Care across the Nation

Traveling RN, have worked for Therapia Staffing for over a year.

Pamela Haverly
January 13, 2019
Contract Employee

My journey

I was a cna for years. I worked side by side with LPNs and RNs. I watched what they did so much I knew before they did their task what they were going to do. I decided it was time for me to go back to school. I went to MCC for RN. I put everything I had into it and I finally graduated dec 2012. I have worked in medical, cardiac, high observation unit (form of ICU) and clinic since I became an RN.

Bills Godwin
January 12, 2019

First time travel nurse

first time travel nurse

I love Therapia staffing! This is my first job as a traveling nurse and it’s been a great experience so far. My recruiter is amazing and so is the other staff. Can’t wait for my next assignment.

Elvia Marie Waters
January 11, 2019
Contract Employee


I have been an employee with Therapia Staffing for 2 years and it has been amazing! The staff is very supportive and has continuous communication with employees. My recruiter is great, she efficiently answers all of my questions and concerns. I highly recommend working for Therapia they are a great company.

Patricia Gamboa
January 8, 2019

Relocated Sign Language Interpreter

sign language interpreter

So far my experience with Therapia Staffing has been great. Very accommodating and friendly staff. I relocated from Michigan to South Carolina and to quote “America’s favorite fast food chain “I’m lovin it”!

Denequa Horhn
January 8, 2019
Contract Employee

LPTA New Grad

New grad with clinical experience in outpatient and SNF. Within the first two weeks I independently handled a full case load in each setting.

Randall Ferguson
September 8, 2018

Prospective Employee

I have been a Registered Nurse since 1981! I have been employed consistently in various areas of Nursing. I truly enjoy Home Health above all fields. Patrice Farley RN BSN CDE

Patrice Farley
May 7, 2018

My Experience


My first experience of working with Therapia Staffing, I’m sure will be very interesting in the following months to come.

Vickey Monroe
March 2, 2018

Special Education Teacher


Jolyn is a professional and efficient recruiter. She has gone above and beyond to find the best placement suited for my profession and personality. Jolyn took the time necessary to become acquainted with me on a personal and professional level. We have built an awesome professional relationship, and I look forward to our continued success together with the Therapia family.

K. Lorts
January 15, 2018
Contract Employee

Therapia is my favorite staffing agency!

Therapia is my favorite staffing agency to work with. We receive significantly more and better quality resumes from Therapia than anywhere else!

Holli Frazell
Director, Organizational Leadership & Development

Holli Frazell
January 3, 2018

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