Traveling can be an exciting benefit of a career in nursing. The best way to take advantage of these opportunities is to prepare for them. Waiting on a license to process while a new job accepts other applicants can be a frustrating hang-up. Having a nursing license in a different state before applying will be a huge advantage. It is a good idea to contact the Board of Nursing in any state you would consider traveling to. They will be able to give you guidance towards getting your license and the time frame involved.

Secure a nursing license for any state of interest ahead of time. When exploring the option to travel as a nurse, consider the places you would like to work. If it has always been a dream to live in a certain area, then look into getting a license in that state even if there are no jobs available at the time. Most traveling nurse jobs will not accept an application if your not already licensed in that state. Having a license ahead of time will allow you to apply immediately. This will allow you to apply for the job while other applicants are still applying for their license. Being the first application on the manager’s desk is always an advantage.

The enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact program reduces regulatory obstacles for nurses. This program covers 31 states. If you live in one of these states, it may be possible to attain multi-state licensing. This would mean you are ready to accept a job in any of the other 30 states in the compact program. By making it easier for nurses to find jobs in other areas, this program aids in the availability of quality nursing care. It is important to talk to your recruiter about the eNLC program and the opportunities it provides.

Don’t wait for your dream job to come along to start thinking about getting licensed in other states. Be ready by applying for your license in states you know you would like to work in. Take advantage of the ability to travel for work, and don’t let your dream job pass you by.