Applying for a new job is exciting. You may have the opportunity to earn more money or to pursue a career that matches your passions. Before you can start the job, however, you must submit your application materials, which will likely include a request for references. Knowing what individuals to list as references is important. 

Past Professional Superiors

Listing prior bosses or managers as references can work well. These individuals can provide astute insight into your abilities as an employee and speak to your own professionalism on the job. Of course, you must consider why and under what circumstances you let these positions. If you left on bad terms, you should not use these individuals as references. Also, current superiors should not discover that you’re applying to new jobs when their phone rings asking for a reference. 

Former Colleagues

When you had strong rapport with your old colleagues, you can also list them as references. Former colleagues also have a strong sense of how you work in a professional environment. While they may not have the ability to offer the same evaluative analysis as a boss or manager, they can still provide valuable feedback that bolsters your application package.


If you are applying to Therapia, for example, you may already have some of your own clients. Clients can seriously show how you work with individuals, and they can enhance your odds of getting hired at a job that prioritizes respect to all individuals and the ability to communicate. You must make sure you are careful though. In other words, you don’t want to violate any privacy laws by providing the contact information of your clients. 


When you are new to the world of full-time work, you may not have many professional references. Look to your most recent educational experiences, considering if you can reach out to any professors to teachers to provide you with a reference. Remember that professors and teachers have many students. If you did not act in a way that helped you to positively stand out in the classroom, your professor or teacher may not remember you or may not be able to provide anything more than basic information about your abilities. This reason is part of the reason why it is so important to improve your standing as a student. 

You might initially feel confused when it comes to the references section of your application packet. Integrating these suggestions can help.