One of the biggest innovations in speech-language pathology has been the invention of software applications that reinforce our treatment modalities by helping children learn new behaviors. Many of these apps can be incorporated into therapy practice and can even be used to collect clinical data while motivating students.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) says the benefits of these apps include:

  • Improved communication;
  • cost and time-saving;
  • improved progress monitoring;
  • the adaptability of the tools;
  • helps with motivating students;
  • can improve written language;
  • can improve literacy.

ASHA is careful not to endorse any particular app for therapeutic settings. However, they can be extremely helpful for children with developmental disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, social or emotional disorders, or auditory processing disorders.

Here are some of our favorite apps for SLPs.

Articulation Station
Created by Little Bee Speech and available on iTunes, this app and help students with speech sound delays. The tools can be used in group and individual therapies. It facilitates the practice of 22 different sounds and can collect data from these interactions. Articulation Station is a good reinforcement tool for parents at home. The cost runs around $60.00.


Developed by Expressive Solutions and available for free on iTunes (the full version is $30.00), ArtikPik works on a child’s articulation of words and sounds. The app operates with flashcards and matching activities, and can track time-stamped data by the student. Like Articulation Station, it can be used by individuals or groups.

Conversation Therapy
Created by Tactus Therapy Solutions, this app is on iTunes and the Google Play Store. Conversation Therapy was designed for kids ages nine and up, and works by offering over 3,000 questions that prompt problem solving, hone expressive language skills, and improve overall cognitive communication. Individuals can track goals and the app is suitable for group therapy. The cost of Conversation Therapy is around $25.00

Keyword Understanding
Aptus Speech & Language Therapy makes Keyword Understand. Sold for around $12.00 on Apple’s iTunes, the app helps children with a receptive language disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and auditory processing problems. The app increases the difficulty of the exercises, and therapists can conduct sessions in auditory or text mode.

Let’s be Social: Social Skills Development
Designed by Everyday Speech, this app is available for $20.00 on iTunes. The program contains 40 written and five video lessons that are customizable for ages K-12. The tool can be used by speech therapists, special education paraprofessionals, and parents who can use the app in therapeutic settings. Let’s be Social is useful for children experiencing developmental delays, social or emotional issues, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and deafness. The app tackles issues beyond speech, including navigating the community, behavior, relationships, and handling change.

While these are just a few of the apps on the market today, they are extremely helpful for SLPs, parents, and educators. Even a decade ago, these tools were not available, so the value for children, families, therapists and the community at large is high.

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