Tips for First Time Travel Nurses - Therapia Staffing

Considering a career as a travel nurse? You may be wondering what to expect when on the job, or you might be nervous about your placement. Keep reading to get some tips and tricks on making your position as a travel nurse the best ever.

One tip is to try and pick a hospital or practice close to a location you’ve always wanted to visit. Thinking about visiting the Grand Canyon, or do you prefer Miami Beach? Maybe you want to be able to see the Pittsburgh Steelers play! Some nurses even select assignments near family or friends to have a stronger support system. Whatever you’re into, you’re almost guaranteed to find a nursing position located in a city that you enjoy.

Prior to moving to a location, be sure to do your research on it. Don’t like humidity? Florida in the summertime might not be for you. Hate the rain? Avoid positions in the Pacific Northwest. While travel nursing positions tend to pay well, you should be knowledgeable on how much living expenses in the area will run you before you make the move.

It’s also important to go into your assignment with an open mind. When you keep a positive attitude and view everything as a learning experience, you’re more likely to remember your travel nurse assignment more positively. Also, don’t be afraid to contact your Therapia Staffing placement specialist if something isn’t working out or if there is a way to improve your experience. The goal is to meet your needs while providing patients top notch care.

Many travel nurses suggest bringing photos from home or even your pets to make your apartment feel more at home! Be sure to talk with your placement specialist prior to bringing your pet to ensure that you will be given pet friendly housing.

Be sure to update your resume as you keep traveling, especially if your goal is to gain more experience during your time as a travel nurse. It’s also important to have your medication, immunization records, and forms of ID in order prior to settling down in a new state.

Remember, Therapia Staffing is on your side regardless of if it’s your first travel nurse position or your 15th position. Keeping an open mind and working as a team is crucial to your success.